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May 20, 2014 10:26 AM

Large Jewish communities WITHOUT a kosher restaurant

Can you same some large Jewish communities that DON'T have a kosher restaurant. Are there any places that surprise you don't have one? Like they seem like a big enough community that you would think they should be able to support one but they don't have one.
For me both Allentown, PA and Providence, RI come to mind.

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  1. Interesting topic. Allentown does have the Muehlenberg cafeteria but that's not really a restaurant.

    How about Indianapolis?

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    1. re: DeisCane

      You are right it looks like Indianapolis has a bakery only.

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        Allentown is losing its Jewish population----Abe used to have a great restaurant but he gave a higher priority to deliver his meals to Brooklyn Shoprite!!!!!!

      2. Scranton, PA has a significant yeshivish community as well as an established yeshiva and there's nothing there.

        1. How about Milwaukee? Many Milwaukeeans (is there such a word?) go east (south) on I-94/US41 & get off US41 @ Lake Cook Rd & go to Mizrahi Grill and go shopping at Garden Fresh/Kosher Korner/Amor Pizza.

          1. Beaconstreet- you don't count the various vegetarian places certified by Rabbi Dolinger in Providence?

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              Since at least one of those establishments serves treif liquors then no.

            2. St. Louis. They've tried several times& never takes. A friend of mine who teaches in local yeshiva tells me the kids dream of a pizza shop.

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              1. re: JackieR

                There is soon going to be a professional market study in St Louis, to determine what sort of demand really exists for a kosher place, and what sort of place would do best. At the moment nobody really has any idea, they just try things at random and they fail.

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                  I went to a kosher Indian restaurant in St. Louis with an AYCE buffet. Not exceptional, but pretty good standard Indian food, although I don't know what region of India. I recall it being vegetarian but may be vegan. There's also a deli inside the kosher grocery store but that may not count for purposes of this discussion.