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Eating Cupcakes

i wasn't sure where to put this topic but here looks good. so a few days ago the topic of eating a cupcake came to light when i noticed someone eating it the sandwich way. in other words they peeled off the liner took off the bottom half like an english muffin and made a sandwich using the icing as the filling. so i began to wonder how do you eat a cupcake?

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  1. I peel off the liner and take off the bottom half. Then sometimes I'll eat the cupcake the sandwich way and sometimes I'll eat the bottom half first, then the top half with the frosting.

    1. I eat the frosting and take a bite of the cake. Then ditch the rest of the cake.

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      1. Funny you mention this; I just saw this "cupcake hack" animation last week: http://lafoodie.com/post/39064801943/...

        I can't wait to get my hands on a cupcake now. :) I've always just eaten it the usual way, getting icing on my nose and fingers. ;p

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            It wasn't a problem years ago, before cupcake shops started putting towers of icing on standard cupcakes. The ratio has gone way too far. Don't egg me wrong, I like icing.

        1. Remove paper, make two vertical cuts to yield cupcake quarters. Eat one of those. Give or throw away the rest.

          1. Cupcakes are not my preferred food... but if you give me one I'll take the paper off then nibble my way around the edges to get a little bit of frosting with each bite.

            1. I don't eat many cupcakes but I do have a method when I do.

              1) Scrape off any and all icing, pass to the highest bidder (HATE icing!).
              2) Remove the wrapper
              3) Eat the bottom portion by pulling off chunks with my hands. For some reason I never bite into a cupcake (sometimes this portion also goes to the highest bidder)
              4) Eat the cupcake top

              1. I'd eat it on a plate with a fork. I really don't like getting food on my face or hands, and that allows me to distribute the frosting and and the cake as I see fit.

                1. I don't eat many cupcakes either, but when I do I take one or two bites of cake and frosting, then I do the sandwich thing with the rest.

                  1. I have taken to baking my cupcakes without liners, dipping the tops in chocolate ganache when cooled, splitting them horizontally and then piping frosting on the bottom layer and topping with the other half. I then place the cupcakes in the liners. They look very nice and are easier to eat.

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                    1. OK, just commenet at cookware about how forehead bruis only recently went away (not really) after discovering those tab thingies that keep aluminum foil, plactic wrap & waxed paper from FLYING out of their boxes. NOW gonna have a NEW one for never having thought of eating a cupcake like a sandwich!?!

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                        The world is full of surprises. Makes waking up each day worth it!

                      2. I could probably count the number of cupcakes I have eaten in my life on one hand. I have never had one I liked.

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                          So you have had 5 or less cupcakes in your life. Were they store bought or homemade? Have you had layer cake you liked? My homemade cupcakes are all layer cake recipes that I adapt to cupcakes. I just had a cocktail party of 20 adults who devoured my cannoli cupcakes. Maybe you just haven't run across a good homemade cupcake? Also, this thread is targeted at those who like cupcakes, since the topic is "Eating Cupcakes" which to me begs responses from those who actually eat them.

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                            All homemade or high end bakery cupcakes. I don't care for layer cakes either. Only a rare few.

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                              Well, that explains it. If you are not a layer cake fan, then there is no reason to expect you to be a cupcake fan. Thanks for responding.

                        2. Since most cupcakes have thick frosting these days, I take a bite of frosting from the top, then peel off the liner and eat the cupcake and remaining frosting in the traditional way.

                          1. scrape off frosting with napkin. discard. take 2 bites off top. put the remaining cake on my husband's plate.