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Wynwood Recs, Please

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planning on checking out Wynwood tomorrow night, Wednesday...any can't miss places for food, ambiance, beer, and eye candy would not hurt...I've been warned about seating at Kush's, but hear it is good...any other places relatively close to one another where I can step inside 2-3 places to get an idea??


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  1. Lunch at Zake the Baker
    Burger & beer at Kush
    Coffee at Panther

    1. A strong second for lunch at Zak the Baker. Very short menu - basically a handful of various things on toast (their bread is the real draw), a soup of the day, a salad or two - but it's super tasty and refreshing. And a +1 for Panther as well - world class coffee place, and they're now carrying True Loaf baked goods too. I've not tried Kush yet but hear good things. Unfortunately both of these are more daytime places than evening, and it sounds like you were looking for evening places.

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        Panther also carries Cindy Lou's Cookies. The red velvet and rocky road kick serious tail. I also tried her new coconut cupcakes as well yesterday and they were really great too. I am a big fan.

      2. Had a great meal at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar...chips with guacamole, short ribs, shrimp tacos, and skirt steak skewer all very good in very nice surroundings outdoors.

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          Next time you are in the area, give Mmm a try. I know, the name is kind of like bla but the chef's tartines are insanely good and the prices are fair. His wine selection is excellent.