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May 20, 2014 04:50 AM


Has anyone been to the churros place on ues? Reviews? People seem to like the desserts but how is the "real" food?

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  1. I've been once, but only had the churros. The rest of the menu looked good, but given the time of day I was there I only wanted a snack.

    1. only had churros there (and they were good :)

      1. I know this has nothing to do with the conversation , but I wanted to let those folks that keep kosher & like churros know that Chicago has churros available Fridays at Tel Aviv/Queen Esther Bakery on Devon. I gave one to a Mexican friend of mine. They said that they couldn't believe that it's kosher because it tastes like an authentic churro. I told him that's because the bakery employs Mexicans who bake these churros.

        I wonder how these churros stack up to that churro place on the UES that you're talking about.

        1. What real food? The menu seems to consist entirely of churros, a few other desserts, and drinks.

          It's interesting that the place's web site seems to have no mention at all of it being kosher. Is the certificate posted prominently, or is it hiding somewhere in the back, perhaps because they don't want to frighten away their regular clientele?

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            It's prominent. I forgot the place existed and saw the teudah in the window when I happened to be walking by. The sign is the only reason I stopped and went in.

            1. re: avitrek

              Then it's strange that the web site says nothing at all about it.

              I've been to a restaurant where the kashrut certificate was posted over the hand-washing station. That way everyone who cares about kashrut will see it when they wash their hands, and those who don't will never know that the place is kosher.

              1. re: zsero

                Walked by the other day and didn't see the teudah. I asked if they were still kosher and was told yes.

          2. I've enjoyed the churros there, but don't recall much 'real' food on the tiny menu. Think of it like an ice cream shop, or a doughnut place.