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Soft Shell Crab !

Is it out there yet ? Fresh, not frozen. In a sandwich, on pasta, anything ???

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  1. There was a Soft Shell Crab appetizer on the menu at Porsena tonight. But they change their menu almost every day, so no guarantees...call and check (212) 228-4923.

    They are at 21 East Seventh Street, off 3rd Ave (Bowery), and one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the city. It's what I think of as authentic Italian - fresh ingredients, and usually not more than about seven ingredients in a dish.

    1. I always enjoy Noodletown in Chinatown

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        I'd love to know which places have soft shell crab that is sauteed until crispy but not coated in a heavy crust of batter.

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          Had this for lunch today. Delicious!

        2. We had soft shell crab at Il Pesce at Eataly not too long ago. Very nice.

          1. or where you can buy it? i think i saw something saying they were available at Eataly last week. Not sure if that was/still is true..

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              Saw them at the seafood counters of Eataly and Citarella this past weekend.

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                Aqua best in chinatown, i'm also fairly certain they do delivery.
                1 dozen for $36

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                  Do you know what size they are? That's half what Citarella's charging!

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                    Citarella caters to a very different clientele than Chinatown! lol

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                      Well, yeah, but in this case they both cater to people wanting to buy soft shells ;-)

                      I'd certainly make the trip if they arent those little tiny ones.

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                      Dunno what size, worth a phone call. Or whatever, just eat more of them!

                2. Had a very nice soft shell crab app at Ssam Bar this week.

                  1. Great NY Noodletown makes great salt & pepper ones. Delicate and tasty. They were written up in the NY Times years ago.

                    1. Kanoyama has excellent soft-shell crabs

                      1. Had a delicious soft shell crab dish at Union Square Cafe today.

                        1. We saw too late that Old Shanghai had them. Salt and pepper style. Looked terrific and was a big helping (maybe 8 crabs?)

                          1. Maysville on 26th St. has a soft-shell crab appetizer on the menu these days that's pretty tasty.

                            1. Helpful thread - just wanted to note that some of these tips have been highlighted on the CHOW Blog ... http://www.chow.com/food-news/152386/... BTW I had Noodletown's last week - as good as ever.

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                                I used to like Noodletown's soft shell crabs, but started finding them too salty a few years ago. How were they this time?

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                                  Salt was not a problem, and I tend to undersalt when cooking, so I'm sensitive to that. (Logged on under my usual C'hound handle, not my Chow byline.)

                                1. Claudette has soft-shell crab apps. Pretty good but the jalapeno needs to deliver more heat.

                                  1. Cafe Hong Kong on Bayard street has a nice crispy salt and pepper soft shell crab too. Might not be on the regular menu, but the waiters will know it.