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May 19, 2014 02:50 PM

Tex Mex in San Antonio?

While visiting Austin next week, we (hubby, 17-year-old son, and I) will be making a day trip to San Antonio, and are hoping to find good Tex-Mex in SA for dinner. So far, I have Rosario's, Acenar and Mi Tierra on my list. Can't do all three, obviously, and will be likely spending our limited time between the Alamo and Riverwalk, but will have a car. Which of the above would you recommend, or are there others that we should be considering?

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  1. Mi TIerra is kinda a rip. In my experience over the many years, too many people, sometimes not enough servers which means warm or cold food when you get it. Rosario's is good, never been to Acenar, but if you want authentic SA Tex Mex, go a couple of blocks past Rosario's and try Tito's. Excellent food and reasonable prices as well. Don't waste your time on anything on the Riverwalk. They depend on tourists who more than likely will never be back to SA. If you want to drive a little further Soluna is worth a try. On Broadway farther out of downtown. Very good

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      Thanks so much for the Tito's rec, Rexster! Had an amazing meal today after visiting the Alamo and Riverwalk..

    2. Mi Tierra is very beautiful, great for a drink at the bar, it is too crazy busy to eat there. Rosario's is excellent but more of a cafe and very noisy. Acenar would be perfect on a good day as you can sit on the river and the food is perfectly acceptable.

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