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May 19, 2014 01:02 PM

"Old Palm Springs"

I'm spending 4-5 nights in Palm Springs with my wife and looking for a taste of old supper clubs, continental dining, meat and martini destinations, mid century cocktail lounges, etc. Is there anything left of 1930s-1960s Palm Springs when it comes to food and drink?

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  1. Lyon's English Grille is classic Palm Springs, I remember it being old in the 80s.

    233 E Palm Canyon Dr
    Palm Springs, CA 92264
    (760) 327-1551

    EDIT: Just read that they're closed?! Noooo...... The website is still up, but some Yelpers are claiming it's closed for good.

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    1. re: moreplease

      Oh no!!! I actually knew about Lyons English Grille and am so sad that it's closed. I hope the rumors aren't true!!!

      EDIT: I don't think Lyons is actually closed. I just called and their voicemail recording is up-to-date and still accepting reservations. I only see two Yelp reviews making that claim but the website and Yelp page are still active. Perhaps they went on a Tuesday night or off-hours. Still seems to be in buisness, phew!

    2. Lord Fletcher's is awesome ! Fits the bill perfectly for what you are describing. The bartender (sadly I forget his name) is a treasure, he will have your drink up on the bar almost before you've finished ordering it, all the while telling you jokes. And the bar is ... well you just have to see it. Food is fine, exactly what you'd expect.

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        This is perfect, thanks so much - it looks terrific!!!

        1. re: mikester

          I met the owners of Lord Fletcher's today while they were on vacation. Struck up a conversation sitting at the next table. The restaurant was started 48 years ago and in that time has only had three different bartenders. They seem to pride themselves on knowing their regulars' usual order. It was cool to hear about the Hollywood crowd that made it their hangout. Also that twenty-somethings have discovered the place, considering it "retro" and learning to drink Manhattans, Martinis, etc.

        2. at the top of your list should be Melvyn's at the Ingleside Inn.

          next: Le Vallauris, owned by Paul Bruggemans.

          then: Wally's Desert Turtle in Rancho Mirage

          fourth is a classic Italian joint on the right hand side as you drive into PS between the Tramway Gas Station and Chino Canyon. can't remember the dat-blatted name but they had an RIP sign up when Harold Robbins passed away. classic, but may be closed.

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          1. re: iOnLa

            Thanks so much,

            I knew of Melvyn's (who doesn't!) and had Le Vallarius on my radar, but had never heard of Desert Turtle. It looks to be a lot more "modern" than the others and was opened in the 1970's, so not really mid century Palm Springs, but I'll add it to the considerations.

            Is the Italian restaurant that you were thinking of called "Johnny Costa's Ristorante" by chance? I'd love to know the name of it, if not!

            Thanks again.

            Edit: There's also Nicolino's (is that the one?) but it looks more like cheap 1980's decor than swanky post-war Palm Springs Vacationland. I see numerous flat screen TVs surrounding the bar which is a definite deal-killer for me.

            1. re: OliverB

              yes, Johnny Costa's sounds right.

              and if you're seeking Continental, then you need to check out Wally's. less cool rat pack, more country club, but still swinging.

          2. I seem to recall a good restaurant at La Quinta Country Club.
            Morgan's, I think.

            1. Melvins. Nothing else touches it. Also, let me know if you want the opposite recommendation as well. Something so new School