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help me decide pls

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Hi i would appreciate your thoughts. I have made 2 reservations for dinner on sat. and need to decide which would be the better choice.
1) Bistrot Paul Bert
2) Goust
I know they are not in the same league nor cuisine style, one traditional and the other modern. I picked Bistrot Paul Bert initially as I heard good things and then came across negative feedbacks in this forum. I then thought maybe I should rethink and made another reservation at Goust as its something I would like to try too but I only have this sat open. Your advice would be much appreciated!

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  1. I'm the source of One, one, report on Paul Bert and those of us who trained in science distrust N's of 1.
    That said, with one meal, go to Goust.
    And let's see if my one rapporteur's rapport holds up before we cross it off the list.

    1. Are they not so different that you need to make a decision yourself?

      1. With only the info you provide my answer would be Goust and when you decide please call and cancel the other.

        1. Choosing between two Fuji apples is difficult. But here, it's a case of apples and oranges. If you like trad cuisine in a classic bistro, it's Paul Bert or another bistro. If you like modern cuisine, an emphasis on wine, and a more formal space, it's Goust. If you want to spend about 50 € per person on dinner, it's Paul Bert. If 100 €, it's Goust.

          Nobody can help define your own budget, preferences and tastes. Only you.

          Individual reviews are only snapshots of a specific time and place. Whether they represent the true and abiding reality is always debatable. Although I'm not a big fan of Bistrot Paul Bert simply because my usual but not absolute preference is for more modern cuisine, it is generally quite good.... maybe better for dinner than lunch.

          1. Goust for me, Paul Bert a block from my flat has never served me well, but probably just me.
            To have two res at same time, very bad form, cancel one immediately.