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May 19, 2014 12:33 PM

Lunch in the Granada Hills/Northridge area ...

Need a new place to take my mom for her birthday on Sunday. It'll be my mom and dad (both in their early 70s), me, my wife and my grown sons.

We love Brent's but literally my parents suggest Brent's (either take out or dine in) 98% of the time. My folks like a Japanese place named Musashi and a Chinese place called Pagoda. Both are ok, not great. We've been to the place on SF Mission across from Smart and Final with a New Orleansish theme -- I can't remember the name. Maybe CF Kitchen or something like that.

My mom doesn't have a strong stomach, so nothing spicy. No Indian or Thai, for example. We've been to the Greek place on Reseda a couple of times (Alex's? Something like that). My dad won't let me pay, so I need it to be reasonably prices. Up to Brent's prices, I guess is the way I'd describe it.

My folks live north of Rinaldi Street, off Balboa, and won't want to go too far -- so GH or Northride is okay, but Ventura Boulevard is too far.

Any thoughts, anything of interest up that way that people would recommend?

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  1. If they like Chinese, Tampa Garden on Tampa Avenue has always gotten rave reviews on this board. Never been there myself, but am meaning to try it one of these days...

    And for dessert you can take them to Yogurtland a little further south on Tampa -- I think the cross street is Victory. That one I can vouch for personally. :)

    1. Joe's has been mentioned favorably on this board before. I haven't gotten here yet, but I still aim to do so some day.

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        go to joe's cafe but you may want to call and set something up. the place is tiny and it's the type of place where you order and then they bring the food to you.

        very good brunch/lunch fare. if it was in the westside, there would be a lot more word of mouth about the place.

      2. A&W Seafood Chinese is affordable and close by. They have dim sum on Sundays. Call for dim sum hours.

        Or you could try Mandarin Deli directly across the street. Pay extra for the handmade noodles. I recommend Noodles with Special Pork Sauce and the cold cucumber salad.

        If you choose one of these, try the Hawaiian shaved ice place for dessert, just across the street south of Mandarin Deli. You might want to order a size smaller than you think you want.

        Joe's really is too small for the number of people in your group.

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        1. re: susans

          Thanks to you - and the others -- for the recs. I'll keep checking back.

        2. Shamshiri? I've been to the Westwood one (and only once at that), but I think Persian might meet your requirements....

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            That's not a bad idea. I like the one in Westwood. Something a little different, but not too spicy.

            1. re: PaulF

              That was pretty much my thinking. The food is good, it's "exotic" enough to be interesting diversion from what your parents normally eat, but it's not too spicy, etc, for them. The ambiance, if it's similar to the Westwood branch, is appropriate for a b-day lunch. And the price isn't bad.

          2. I was just going to rec Cf kitchen.

            There's also Italia Deli on Decinshire.

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            1. re: kevin

              Thanks Kevin.

              Italia Deli is where my mom would buy cold cuts for my school lunches. This is 40 years ago. Unfortunately, it's a small grocery story, not someplace one can eat.

              We've done CF Kitchen -- I think on your rec.