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May 19, 2014 12:23 PM

One night in Seattle and one breakfast

I grew up in Vancouver and went to Seattle many times when I was in my late teens and early twenties. My fave spot was Wild Ginger :)

It has now been many years and I am heading to your great city for one night mid-August with my best friend (we both now live in Toronto) and are in our mid thirties. This will be her first time and her Birthday so I am looking for a fun/buzzy restaurant for the Sunday evening and possibly a suggestion of where to go for some great cocktails.

We are staying downtown (probably at the Fairmont). Budget not necessarily an issue but not wanting fine white table cloth dining - just great creative food and a good buzz.

Also if you have any gems for breakfast the following morning that would be awesome. Willing to drive as we will have a car - will be heading to Portland mid day after a morning walking around Seattle.

Any suggestions and tips would be welcome. Thank you so much!

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  1. My favorite breakfast in town is Toulouse Petit in lower Queen Anne. On a Sunday, try to go early--it's pretty popular.

    1. If it were me, I would totally go to Aragona.

      It's fun, buzzy, close to your hotel. The food is spectacular. Some of the best I've had this year. You could have cocktails at Zig Zag or Radiator Whiskey before if you wanted.

      1. Breakfast on a Monday before walking around Seattle: Start in Pioneer Square and check out The London Plane, maybe? It's a gorgeous space, I haven't had breakfast there but I've been pretty fond of the few lunches I've had.

        1. Great - thanks for the suggestions! Also should have added a request for any modern Asian spots? I am sure Wild Ginger is not the spot to go any longer but if there is a good one I would love to know :)

          The breakfast spots look perfect and Aragona looks delicious - thank you!

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            Uway Malatang is a new hot-pot-spot at 9th and Jackson.
            Grab-up a pound or two of ingredients and return to a boiling split hot-pot at your table.
            >>By the way, Uway Malatang is not reference to an exotic asian dish, it just means do-it-yourself-hot-pot.

            1. re: MMM

              I like Ba Bar for a modern Asian spot. I'm not sure if it's still considered buzzy but it's still got great food and interesting cocktails.

              1. re: MMM

                Revel or Joule would be my modern Asian pick, but neither are downtown.

                1. re: MMM

                  Modern Asian:
                  Chan, it's downtown right by the market. Similar to Revel, it's a small places so make sure to get a reservation though.

                  I also like Monsoon, their pho is ridiculously good.

                  For breakfast I think Harvest Vine is great but it's only open for breakfast on weekends.

                  1. re: Gizmo56

                    "Tom's Big Breakfast" looks amazing...