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May 19, 2014 10:54 AM

New Hope Pubs/Bars for Wedding After Party

We're headed to a wedding in New Hope on Memorial Day weekend, and we're looking for a place to grab a few drinks with a group of wedding guests afterwards. Doesn't have to be fancy, just somewhere fun that could accommodate approximately 10+ people after 10 pm on a Saturday night and where we might be able to grab a seat or two. Any suggestions?

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  1. There are lots of bars in New Hope. Probably the roomiest is Triumph Brewery in Union Square.

    1. The Landing or Havana will be open. The former has a nice view of the river, the latter has a nice outdoor bar. Inn of the Hawke across in Lambertville has a really nice inner courtyard which is great to sit outside at night..

      1. Back the small road to the Hamilton Grill Room one will find on the right side The Boat House which is a great spot to stop for a drink. Take a look.

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          Absolutely! It's a fantastic bar.

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            That's a great spot but it's in Lambertville, not New Hope, and it's very small and cozy.

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              Quite right, sadiefox. It is indeed in Lambertville. Yes it is small, part of the charm. Ten guests should work as I have hosted 15 in one of the rooms with some arrangement of chairs and some who are bar standers. It is worth crossing the bridge. It may however be a bit too quaint and perhaps not fun enough if the definition of fun is wild and crazy.

          2. Inn at the Hawke and The Boat Yard are your best choices.

            1. Lambertville Station, Triumph Brewery, Anton's, Inn of Hawke, and Logan Inn are the best options.

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                I think the Lambertville House is one of the best. On same road coming over the bridge from New Hope. Good drinks and has some seats inside and out