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May 19, 2014 10:33 AM

What's your summer guilty pleasure?

I have a couple. I LOVE the frozen strawberry lemonade at McDonald's that's only available in summer. I try to limit myself to 2 or 3 over the summer.

I also love fried dough at summer carnivals. I haven't had one in several years so I think this may be the year to indulge. And I know, it's carbs fried in oil, but the best way to eat it is spread with BUTTER and then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Yes fried food spread with butter. It's why I have it only once every 10 years!

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  1. Turkey Hill Farms' - Southern Lemon Pie Ice Cream. Lemon ice cream swirled with marshmallow, and dotted with pieces of shortbread. It's a limited run seasonal item, so I'll stock up to plead guilty all summer long. :)

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    1. re: mcsheridan

      That. Sounds. Amazing. Lemon Meringue is my favorite dessert ever. Is Turkey Hill Farms a commercial brand, or an ice cream shop?

        1. re: LindaWhit

          i've seen turkey hill in florida and virginia. i'm going to look for that flavor!

          holy cannoli, batman! look at these special edition flavors on now!

          1. re: alkapal

            It's just a matter of whether those special edition flavors are being sold in your area. I'd love to try the Mango, the Key Lime, or the Lemoni Biskoti.

            1. re: LindaWhit

              better for me if they weren't. LOL.

              but i just saw a recipe for the old fashioned lemon icebox pie (made with condensed milk) and i could taste it! maybe the ice cream will be like that!

              (we finally turned on the a/c, as my allergies were over the top. cold treats don't seem so crucial now…)(yeah, we'll see how long that idea lasts. ha!).


              1. re: alkapal

                That pie sounds amazing! And so far, we haven't yet needed the A/C up here in New England - although Monday is supposed to get up to around 75°, but I think that ceiling fans will keep the house cool enough.

              2. re: LindaWhit

                i didn't find one single special edition flavor of turkey hill at the first store i checked. did see a breyer's special banana cream pie flavor that is calling to me, though. ;-).

                1. re: alkapal

                  I'm still waiting for the first appearance of the Lemon - it usually turns up in June or July.

                  1. re: alkapal

                    the turkey hill had a special flavor at another store -- pumpkin-pecan pie flavor. seems that is for fall, but…there it was!

                2. re: alkapal

                  Why-oh-Why do they have to louse up beautiful Banana with Peanut Butter?

                  Don't get me wrong, I like PB pn toast, even the occasional PB&J (even though it no longer likes Me). But I pass on any combo acts: Chocolate & PB especially. Nein, nein, nein!

                  1. re: mcsheridan

                    You don't like chocolate and PB together??? You might be the only one. ;) I'm not sure I can think of any other two things that go so well together

                    1. re: JeffroCGC

                      Oops, I think Mcsheridan said banana and PB not chocolate and PB.

                      1. re: Jerseygirl111

                        "But I pass on any combo acts: Chocolate & PB especially."

                        I don't think so. Sounds like he/she hates chocolate and PB.

                        I can understand enjoying flavors in their pure forms the best (I'm the same way) but choc/PB is heaven sometimes.

                      2. re: JeffroCGC

                        Nope. Don't want Reese's PB Cups, Reese's Pieces, or anything with the chocolate/PB combo. My uses for PB are limited to putting it on toast, the occasional PB&J, and various Asian peanut sauces for noodles, satays, or salads. That's it.

                    2. re: alkapal

                      Although not listed on the page, there's another Limited Edition I just bought today: Peaches & Cream - peach ice cream with peach slices. I'll update after I've tried it.

                      (Yes, I really can restrain myself for a few hours.)

                      1. re: mcsheridan

                        i've had the chick-fil-a summer peach shake and it is really delicious -- real peach chunks and all. BUT a calorie bomb!

                        1. re: alkapal

                          I had a taste of the Arby's orange dream and it was pretty dreamy, but lactose intolerance prevents from consuming too much.

                        2. re: mcsheridan

                          TH Peaches and Cream was pleasant and creamy enough, but tame in peach flavor.

                    3. re: mcsheridan

                      UPDATE: Turkey Hill Southern Lemon Pie Ice Cream just showed up in supermarkets for this weekend's shopping. Give it a try! Stock it up!

                    4. Ice cream from Leo's in Carlisle PA.

                      Caprese salad made with burrata and tomatoes or peaches.

                      Bourbon slush or real lemonade with iced tea vodka

                      Macaroni or potato salad especially with grilled meat where the meat juices start to mix into the salad

                      1. Coke Slurpees.

                        Boardwalk food. Cheese steaks, Sausage sandwiches, Clams on the halfshell, Zeppoles, Funnel Cake, Kohrs swirl cone, fudge. I know I am forgetting some.

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                        1. re: Jerseygirl111

                          Taylor Pork Roll sandwich with an iced mug of PA Dutch Birch Beer, Copper Kettle Fudge, Johnson's caramel corn...or maybe these are long gone. *sigh*.

                            1. re: Jerseygirl111

                              Brain strain has not come up with the place on the O.C. boardwalk that had the fresh lemonade and the hot, salted fries served in the big paper cones. It was near Kohr ice cream and Johnson's popcorn not far from The Flanders.
                              Any ideas?

                                  1. re: melpy

                                    Not important as they are likely long gone (I was 4 or 5) but I recall a place with huge glass jugs of iced tea and lemonade and deep fryers with fries. They'd dump the hot fries into a stainless steel bin, salt them and then make a large paper cone out of newspaper stock and fill it with hot (yeee-ouch!) fries. Balanced with the iced lemonade - what a treat!

                              1. re: Chefpaulo

                                We get down to the south Jersey Shore every couple of years and we always bring home a few packages of Taylor Pork Roll.

                            2. What we call “scones” in Idaho. I was about 50 before I realized that what I’ve been calling scones my whole life is a whole ‘nother animal than what most people call scones. I love my Idaho Scones and make them once in a great while. The must be dipped in honey butter. Pretty sure it’s a law! Hubby does like them shaken in a brown paper back with sugar and/or cinnamon. It’s just not normal! :)

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                              1. re: AngelaID

                                Now I'm curious. What are Idaho scones?

                                1. re: Jpan99

                                  Apparently, in the rest of the country, it's called Indian Fry Bread. They've always been "Scones" on the menus up here.


                                  1 1/2 cups of warm water
                                  1 1/2 Tbsp. Sugar
                                  1 Tbsp. Yeast
                                  1/2 tsp Salt
                                  1 Tbsp. Butter
                                  3 1/2 Cups All Purpose (important!) Flour


                                  Throw everything into your bread machine, and set to the dough cycle (around 1 hour 30 minutes)
                                  You can make the dough by hand (Mix, Knead for 15 minutes, and let rise for an hour).
                                  Break off pieces of dough, flatten by hand, or rolling pin to about 3 inch rounds.
                                  Let rise on floured cookie sheets for about another hour
                                  Deep fry in oil until golden brown (around 350 degrees).
                                  Serve with honey butter.

                                  Honey Butter:


                                  * 3/4 cup butter, room temperature
                                  * 1/4 cup honey

                                  1. re: AngelaID

                                    That pretty much sounds like the fried dough I get at carnivals. Funny how they call that a scone since it's nothing like a traditional scone which probably originated in Britain.

                                    1. re: AngelaID

                                      That sounds like what's called a Beaver Tail in Ottawa.

                                      The best way to eat it is to toss with cinnamon sugar, add a squeeze of lemon juice, and eat it while wearing ice skates and standing in a snow bank on the Rideau canal. With hot apple cider (soft) as a chaser.

                                2. thick sliced of dead-ripe tomatoes on fresh sourdough with basil, salt and (preferably homemade) mayonnaise.

                                  also, white peaches. fresh. cold. crisp.

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                                  1. re: rmarisco

                                    I have absolutely ZERO guilt for enjoying those things.

                                    1. re: foodieX2

                                      I might feel guilt for the sourdough and the mayo.

                                      1. re: melpy

                                        Totally unnecessary. Sourdough is really good for you (and even white sourdough has less of an impact on your blood sugar than whole wheat yeast bread), and homemade mayo is even healthier -- all those excellent egg yolks and good oil (so don't use vegetable oil).

                                    2. re: rmarisco

                                      Ya, I don't feel guilt eating healthy.