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May 19, 2014 10:13 AM

Need 2 people for Noma Reservation on Sat June 7th


I am very new to chowhound and the only reason why I sign up is to offer 2 people a chance to dine with us at Noma on Saturday June 7th at 1:00pm. I was very fortunate and thank my lucky stars that I was able to snag a reservation this past weekend. Somebody actually cancelled. My girlfriend and I are doing a Europe tour and will be travelling to Copenhagen during that time. One of the main reason we are going there is for Noma. I was only able to get a table for 4 people; hence the need to find 2 more people to dine with us.

Since this is an expensive meal, only serious inquiries since we don't want to be left with people not showing up and get stuck with the whole bill.

Ping me if you want to get the Noma experience :)

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  1. you know what? this is same quest but different poster and date-hummmmm-

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      No. It is the SAME post: Same poster, same date, same posting, just duplicated by Chowhound ...