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May 19, 2014 09:59 AM

Friday lunch for a rowdy 10 in or near Culver City

We're looking for a venue for small group lunch on Friday for about 10 people. We'll be loud, but not disruptive. (We're celebrating the end of a year-long job.) We're trying to find a back room or an area where we won't be too annoying to other diners.

Also, we'd prefer to order off the menu. We don't need a formal private dining event.

Also, we all love food, but we have a couple people with food allergies, so we'll need a place that's accommodating or has a broadish menu.

Thinking about:

RUSH STREET (private room but limited lunch menu)
AKASHA (no private area)
WESTSIDE TAVERN (Massive and probably won't be mobbed for lunch.)

Suggestions? Previous experience? Thanks!

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  1. Public School took 15 from our ofc for lunch, putting tables together at the wall inside; while not private, we were off to the side & no problem. And pretty large menu:

    w&c not open for lunch

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    1. re: JTea

      Thanks, I'll look into it. We stopped by for a quick bite after work one day and found it way too loud to carry on any conversation, even at a 4 top. But I'd bet it's better at lunch. Thanks!

    2. Father's Office Culver City opens at noon on fridays

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      1. re: wienermobile

        FO was my first choice, especially with their little back room. It was vetoed because they can't (easily) accommodate a vegan co-worker. Thank you, though!

        1. re: shermiebeth

          fwiw, waterloo and city may well be problematic for a vegan also.
          i'm a pescatarian and found the offerings at waterloo and city to be pretty sparse. . . . .

          if you're open to marina del rey, you might consider 26 beach.
          i'm sure they'd be happy to set your party up in the room on the east side of the restaurant.

          another idea, more upscale than westside tavern, is cafe del rey.
          they normally are not at all jammed for lunch and they provide a lovely environment overlooking the boats and, imho, far better food than westside tavern.
          take washington west, straight to the marina for either of these.

          1. re: westsidegal

            Thanks! I'll check out Cafe Del Rey. Been to 26 Beach a couple times, but not a fan, unfortunately.

            1. re: shermiebeth

              i just checked out their lunch menu and it appears that they have removed most of the vegan items from the menu.
              turned out not to be such a good idea after all.

                1. re: westsidegal

                  Group decided Westside Tavern. Thank you all for your suggestions!

                  1. re: shermiebeth

                    I've liked Westside Tavern the couple of times I ate there. If they have squash blossoms available, they were delicious, very lightly, crispy fried. Their lamb sandwich was great, except I didn't read the menu carefully enough and thus got a hit of horseradish.

        2. I would think Westside Tavern would work well. Craft is pretty buttoned down at lunch....with lots of business people "working". So....unless your area was REALLY separate....I'm not sure they'd appreciate the noise.

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          1. re: perk

            Thanks! We'll knock Craft off the list. Westside is definitely a contender!