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May 19, 2014 09:33 AM

Cool, unique non-restaurant food venues?

I'll be in NYC this week and have all day Wednesday to check out cool food retailers. This trip I'm NOT looking for restaurants, but, rather the kind of local shops, stores, vendors, where you can buy dinners to go, prepared food, or other cool stuff.

Here's a cool new biz in Chicago ( and one in L.A. ( that illustrate the kind of thing I'm looking for. New ways to buy food, prepared food, meals. Etc. Any suggestions?

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  1. Anything here? Lots of great shops in Brooklyn too. Post on that board.

    1. Food halls
      Chelsea Market -
      Eataly -
      The Plaza Food Hall -
      Essex St Market -
      Gotham West Market -
      Grand Central Market -
      Food Gallery 32 -
      All Good Things -
      Hudson Eats -

      Outdoor food markets - most of these are weekends only. Any way you can have Saturday or Sunday in NYC? If not, only Mad Sq Eats will be available to you:

      Madison Sq Eats -
      Smorgasburg -
      Hester St Fair -
      Red Hook Ball Fields -

      Other good foodie stores
      Despana -
      Russ & Daughters -
      Di Palo -
      Amy's Bread / Faicco's / Murray's Cheese / Grom / etc on Bleecker St -
      Union Sq Greenmarket (M/W/F/Sat only) -
      Kalustyan's - 2nd floor cafe -
      Zabar's -

      1. The two you linked to seem to be healthy "diet" oriented kind of places....
        Is that what you are looking for?

        Hu Kitchen on w14th is grain free and paleo

        Organic avenue and Juice press have multiple locations in nyc and sell a variety of prepared foods as well as various packaged snacks.

        One lucky duck has a location inside chelsea market as well as just off union sq at 17th st