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Nutribullet Recipes anyone?

Today is my first day of attempting the "6 week transformation" plan in the nutribullet book that came with the machine
for breakfast, I made
I. Immunity Mix
• 50% Spinach
• 50 % mixture of fruit:
– 1 whole orange with rind
– 1/2 of lemon with rind
– 1/2 lime with rind
– 1” chunk of ginger
– Sprinkle of sea salt
– 2 tbs organic raw honey
(Fill to the top with water and extract)

(I omitted the sprinkle of sea salt)
it was HORRIBLE!

the rind of the orange made the whole thing SO bitter and barely drinkable

does anyone have any nutribullet recipes that they like, that they would want to share with me?

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  1. I got a Nutribullet Pro a few months ago and I love it.

    Usually I'll do spinach, a few frozen fresh pineapple chunks, a couple strawberries, grated ginger, flax seed, and I use green tea for the liquid...it's quick and really good. Carrots are also good in place of strawberries.

    I've used orange and lemon, but without the rind. I think the rind is just too bitter.

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    1. re: love2bake

      it's funny you should mention the frozen pineapple
      the other 'issue' that I noticed is that even super cold out of the refrigerator, once you're done processing, the drink gets kinda' on the warm side
      (which isn't very appetizing)

      1. re: cgarner

        I also like it better cold, although I've gotten used to it not so cold as well. When I throw in some ice cubes and use green tea out of the fridge, it stays at least semi-frozen/slushy for a good 30-45 minutes for me.

        You could try pouring it in an insulated cup, I'm sure that would help.

        Oh yeah...frozen cranberries are a good addition too, especially with pineapple or orange. :)

    2. I think the rind and the honey as the main sweetness factor is the issue. I think sweeter fruits and omitting the rind of some of that or just grating in zest would be better.

      1. My current favorite is

        chopped kale
        fresh ginger
        flax seeds
        water and/or juice of a lemon

        Another favorite is
        water and/or juice of a lemon

        One thing that I learned is that I prefer using frozen fruits and veggies. Wymans blueberries are very sweet. Frozen fruits and veggies are often better quality than what I find in the produce dept too. Plus the smoothies end up being super cold and slushy-like which is how I prefer them.

        1. I use frozen fruit.

          I would never use the rind. Its not a juicer.

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          1. re: C. Hamster

            Consuming the rind/peel of an orange has its own health benefits, including flavanoids which (I don't think) are in the 'body' of an orange... that being said, maybe if I try it again, I could put just a small piece
            I am going to start freezing the components

            1. re: cgarner

              I'm good with the peel but the rind is way too bitter for my taste.

              1. re: cgarner

                If you do eat the outer peel of the citrus consider buying organic.

            2. Thank you for the recipes... they sound much tastier than what I pinched my nose to down this morning
              (p.s. my husband actually liked it... go figure)

              1. I use a regular blender but same idea.

                I add frozen organic spinach since it has been cooked and therefore the nutrients are more bioavailable than raw spinach.
                Also 1/4 avocado to make it creamy, berries- whatever is on sale, and the flesh only (no rind, peel, or pith) of a lemon.

                I use about 2/3 veggies with the fruit as the accent to keep the sugar and calories down. Sometimes one TB of almond butter or a scoop of protein powder if its my meal (vs snack)

                1. 50% spinach
                  50% mixture of frozen fruit - usually pineapple, mango, seedless black or red grapes, 1 banana (not frozen)
                  1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon matcha green tea powder
                  balance of the liquid in the container is coconut water or a coconut water/water blend

                  1. Thank you all again. I took the suggestion of freezing the fruit prior to mixing and it did wonders!

                    This morning was 50% combo of cantaloupe, blackberries, raspberries with 50% baby kale and chia seeds, with a drizzle of raw honey
                    Strange color but it tasted really good!
                    This also enables me to do far more prepping ahead of time at once!
                    Last night I laid the fruit pieces out on a cookie sheet lined with non stick aluminum foil and dropped it into the deep freezer.
                    So I’m figuring I could do that with the fruits, make up ‘recipe baggies’ and keep them stored and ready to go!


                    I have avocados waiting to ripen a bit to start using them in drinks… but I’m a little nervous about the taste/texture

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                        The avocado just makes the smoothie very creamy, like adding a banana. The avo flavor is so mild you won't notice.
                        Start with just 1/4 or 1/3 ripe avocado, spinach, frozen berries, the flesh only (!) of a lemon, a splash of water to get it blending if needed.

                        Prepping bags or tupperwares of smoothie ready frozen fruits and smoothie ready greens etc is a great idea. I've filled my blender cup with the greens and other ingredients and put in the fridge the night before, in the morning add liquid and baggie of frozen fruits.