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May 19, 2014 09:05 AM

Miscellaneous Barleywine Tasting Notes

So this new release of Deschutes Mirror Mirror barleywine just came out. I went for it at a rather ridiculous price but you only live once.

Anyway, tasted it blind v. my go-to barleywine: Anchor Foghorn.

Tasting notes follow. Interesting to note that during the tasting I thought I "knew" which was which, turned out I didn't :)

Beer 1: Delicious. First taste was like a honey cake with very modest alcohol blast considering it's a BW.... lingering, delicious.

Beer 2: Oh yeah... very bold and complex....

Round 1 was about a push: each very respectable in it's own right.

Round 2

Tasting Beer 2 first: On the sweet side of bittersweet. Strongly flavored.

Beer 1: very satisfying...

Round 2 narrowly goes to Beer 1 because it is a bit more "sweet and delicate" while Beer 2 is more "big and strongly flavored".
I conclude by liking both of these ALOT, but with a narrow preference for Beer 1 (which I thought by now I knew which it was)...

Revealing the winner:

Beer 1 is...... Anchor Foghorn.

Should be noted that the Mirror Mirror was "brand new" 2014 release and the bottle itself says "best after July 2015". Definitely going to buy several more bottles of this to lay down and age despite the absurd price... It definitely has that big taste that has me thinking it will mellow and "caramelize" into something really interesting over the next few years.

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  1. Great report. Can I ask what the price you are paying for Mirror Mirror?

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    1. re: Tripeler

      the lowest price I've found (not that there's alot of bottles available) is $14.95 for 22oz.

      In comparison, Foghorn is like $12 for a multi-pack, so Mirror Mirror is over double that.

      1. re: TombstoneShadow

        Still, that's not amazingly expensive. I hope you find it worth the price, though. It will be interesting to see how it ages.