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May 19, 2014 08:21 AM

Cleveland- What's new?

My husband and I will be in town for a wedding and will have a few meals to see what's new in Cleveland. We both went to college in the area, and visit every year or so. I'm looking for new recs- we know the West Side Market, we've been to Lola, Velvet Tango Room, etc. What shouldn't we miss that might not be on my radar?

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  1. Any particular likes or dislikes?

    My favorite restaurant in Cleveland these days is L'Albatros in University Circle.

    I also like Black Pig on W. 25th. And if you are in that area and like beer, be sure to check out Nano and Market Garden Brewery.

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      We eat pretty much anything, as long as it's good. That said, we generally avoid seafood unless we're on the coast. Also, we're located in Minneapolis and will avoid things we can easily get at home (Vietnamese and Somali come to mind. I'd say Ethiopian, but Empress Taytu is where I had my graduation dinner :) )

    2. Not gourmet, but fun--Happy Dog at Gordon Square (also see video games downstairs at Underdog) and Sweet Moses for dessert. Cowell & Hubbard at Playhouse Square is another Zach Bruell creation. What type of atmosphere are you looking for and what meal times?

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        We have at least 2 dinners, 2 lunches. I tend to prefer longer, sit down meals- but I'd hate to miss out on the best meal of my life because they don't have table service!
        Is the Underdog under the same ownership as the Happy Dog? Looks fun.

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          Underdog is in the basement of Happy dog :) The place is an old, bar....not at all fancy but fun and makes for a cheap lunch (lots of draft beers too, including Eastern European brands


          A lot of people love Greenhouse Tavern...can't speak to it myself. I know you said you generally avoid seafood but we've always had great food at both PierW (Lakewood) and Parallax (Tremont).

          Wherever you end up, enjoy and please report back!

      2. Sterle's Country House for polka, beer and family style food service. Green House Tavern--try the tables downstairs where you can see the kitchen.

        Seti's Polish Boy--have you had one? Corky and Lenny's for deli like pastrami and knish, etc. Great Lakes Brewery.

        None of these are new but may be ones you have missed.

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          FYI, Sterles in under new management and word on the street is that it has improved tremendously since then (it had been sliding for a while).

        2. Spice in Gordon Square is very nice. Edwin's is new, notable and upscale in the university circle area. I assume you've been to Greenhouse Tavern? That's a can't miss. There's a new speakeasy on E 4th as well, across from Lola, and Chinato is one of my faves over there as well.

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            I was not wowed by Edwins - the scallops were old and the cheese service didn't happen until after my dining companions had finished their desserts. At these price points, they need to do better.

          2. Trip Report:
            Due to festivities and visiting friends, we were not able to make it to as many destinations as we were hoping. However, here’s where we went and what we thought:
            Pura Vida: Husband had the oxtail empanadas and I had the chickpea pasta. The empanadas were amazing and we could have eaten more. I was a bit underwhelmed with the chickpea pasta. Taste was ok, but the chickpea flour didn’t hold the pasta together very well.
            Greenhouse Tavern: I pushed hard for this one over other options and (ducks) we were disappointed. We stuck with the seconds, because all of the thirds looked too large for our appetite that night. We shared the Foie Gras Steamed Clams, Crunchy Kale Salad, Gnocchi Sardi Pasta and one other dish I am forgetting. Each dish had an up- and a down. The clams were amazing and we both drank the broth (we both were unable to detect the foie flavor). The kale had an excellent texture and was exactly what my salad-loving husband wanted (the avocado seemed to be missing?). However, the server wasn’t kidding when she said the gnocchi wasn’t “traditional.” It was more like conchigliette. So, all in all, we ate what we ordered, but felt that the menu was overselling the dish. We also noticed several people sending dishes back that night- perhaps an off night?
            Final stop was at Noodlecat. We’ve been before, so we knew what to expect. Steam buns are definitely their strong point- but I could eat steam buns all day. Their iced tea was lovely, refreshing and perfect for a warm sunny day.
            Thanks for the recommendations everyone- I have a list for the next time we’re in town!