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May 19, 2014 07:39 AM

SBC site in Hamden

After almost two years vacancy, its for sale sign says "sold", Anyone know to whom?

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  1. "The Lock Up Self Storage Facility" according to info at

    I can't believe that this location can't make a go of it as a restaurant. Must be the curse of little black Sambo.

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    1. re: rbailin

      The curse is a lot more than little black Sambo. And yes I lived in Hamden back then (I was a Town Commissioner for 12 years and my family was in business in Hamden from 1955 on).
      The curse includes the migration north along Dixwell from New Haven. That put Ponderosa Grand Buffet out of business. They couldn't keep up with the hundreds opf pounds of food being shoveled into large plastic bags inside the shoplifting sized handbags.
      Seafood Peddlar went bust as a chain.
      SBC (an operation I love and lunched in Southport locatyion yesterday) couldn't handle the problems with the college students (like many Hamden restaurants, bars, merchants and landlords) and got out.

      The location is too large for most independent restaurants and chains in general are not sucessful in Hamden. 20 years ago Olive Garden and Red Lobster didn't make it two blocks north where Bed Bath and Beyond now sits. Applebees folded in front of Kohl's.

      The demographics of Hamden have changed drastically over the years. From a factory employed solid middle class suburb to retirees and lower class working or welfare poor. Access to the restaurant requires use of the Wilbur Cross Parkway or a trip up dismal Dixwell Ave by car or bus.
      In order to be successful a restaurant of that size should be readily accessed via the interstate. That's why You have the chains opening at exit 9 in North Haven.

      1. re: rbailin

        Geeze, that's sad. A childhood friend lived in the house at that site years ago...the property has always been cursed!