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May 19, 2014 07:28 AM

Specific Quebec City Requests

I will be with a large group, some adults many children on a trip next Feb. We are just looking at budgeting and am open to suggestion. Although I am a foodie we need to please all people, especially the kids. Our group is 24-26.
1. Quebec City recs: 2 breakfasts, 2 suppers (crepes, poutine, atmosphere),1 pizza night (salads too)
Au Petit Coin Breton, Le Cochon Dingue, Casse Crepe Breton, Le Chic Shack, Nina Pizza Napoleteine - any other?
2. Travel Day (we'll be all over this day):
a) St. Anne de Beaupre: We're thinking of eating in QC before we go to mass (nothing looks chow worthy there)
b) Ice Hotel Visit: anywhere for lunch between c and d or supper before d and after c?
c) Dogsledding Laurentides
d) Evening (after 6pm) Villages Vacances Valcartier: other than snacks, is there anything chow worthy - last time we were there food was worse than my university cafeteria food which was very good. We were going to have and early supper in QC first.

What food experiences should we make sure we all (kids too) try at Carnaval?

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  1. The most outstanding food experience I have had at carnaval was a hot drink of maple water but that was a few years ago and the options might be greater now. I've been told Chez Ashton has the best poutine but it is a chain. Might be fun and easy with a big group. There are a lot of great places to pick up food to go especially along rue St-Jean or one of the markets which could be handy for the travel day.

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      Also on rue St-Joseph in St-Roch (Lower Town) Lots of food boutiques there now.

      Here is a website about local businesses. It is in French only, perhaps you could do a google translate?

      I don't have time to translate the site, but I can answer questions about it.

        1. re: EaterBob

          Thanks Eater. I'd suggested Google Translate, but your version is better. Neither can recognize the proper names of businesses though, so I suggested corrections of a few of them.

          I know that I'd want to try JEF poissonnerie (Jef the fishmonger); it wasn't there the last time we went shopping for takeaway food on St-Joseph:

          I can't recommend it per se, not having been there and not having any feedback from my friends there, but they won a Best Young Business award from the Qc Junior Chamber of Commerce, worth about $65k in business services from C of C members.

          They do fish and chips, and tartare... and say they will resume their paella. Must contact them for current offer and days of the week.

          1. re: lagatta

            I can recommend Jef Poissenerie as probably the best fishmonger in town except for some fresh fish product you can have at the old port market. Jef especially have a really great selection of oysters.