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May 18, 2014 11:31 PM

Where would you go on a Sunday ?

Friend coming in to Paris to eat, thus so far Septime on a Friday, as his brother is a line cook there. Saturday L'Ami Louis, as it is me picking, where on Sunday do l go.
Prefer no bistro as that done, not super expensive as that done, Table would have been perfect, but closed Sunday, L'Assiette perfect but another guest said just there.
Auberge Bressane fine, but too bistroey.
Dans Les Landes great but just there.
Terroir Parisien Bourse fine, but there recently and menu does not change.
As again it is me so no microgreens or chef's choice menu.
Am at a loss, help !

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  1. Yesterday we had dinner at La Coupole and enjoyed the oysters especially. My granddaughter thought it very funny that the staff marched out the same cake for four birthday sings. While I generally expect little of beef in France, my steak was pretty good, cutable and well seasoned...the scallops were the better choice. Desserts were excellent

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      1. re: Delucacheesemonger

        We ate at 2pm, which in Indiana is Sunday dinner. Pretty heavy meal for a lunch.

      1. Blue Valentine on the rue Pierre Levée in the 11th.... wear your ankle bracelet... hip... good quasi de veau for meaty types.

        Les Enfants Rouges on the rue de Beauce in the 3rd ... no ankle bracelet required ... fab modern French cuisine from a Japanese chef.

        Le Stella in the 16th for good old-fashioned grub amongst the haute bourgeoisie... or is brasserie done too ?

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          All good Parnassien but my current Sunday favorite is Clamato but don't tell my pesky fellow Yankees.

          1. re: John Talbott

            Just back from an absolutely flawless lunch at Les Chouettes in the 3rd; right up there with Clamato.

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              John, Les Chouettes is such an agreeable place that it deserves more than an addendum to an old thread.

              I LOVE this place. Lunch and dinner are indeed excellent and the entire space is a winner. I especially like it at non-meal times when it's open as a café, wine bar and beer bar on its various levels under the gorgeous glass ceiling.... so comfortable for just lounging around with your lazier friends. Another jewel in the Haut Marais' crown.

        2. We have a few "go to" places on Sunday which we normally consider a brasserie day, thus La Rotonde, Stella or Garnier. Also we enjoy the no reservations Café Richer and either plan around a late Sunday lunch or early dinner if we are in the mood for something more modern.

          1. What about buffet at Chez Casimir ?

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              Yah, good idea. But super-crowded.