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May 18, 2014 11:14 PM


Not sure what I'm allowed to divulge. Two chefs involved. One Chef de Cuisine at a well-regarded restaurant in town, the other a chef too (also did kitchen time at the same well-regarded restaurant) with considerable butcher skills.

Tonight I tasted some terrific (insanely tender) smoked brisket, pulled pork, spare ribs, chicken, beef ribs, and smoked turkey. Sauces were also bangin' good. I had the "spicy" one. (perfect amount of heat, enough to get your attention, but doesn't dominated the experience).

Might be more that just BBQ - but a "butchery" too. (house-made pies,

Often BBQ joints are started and run by amateurs of varying skills. These are young, smart, skilled chefs who've paid their dues - and who love this kinda food.

Location on Sepulveda is in escrow. Prolly a year away.

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  1. This would be so great! Could you possibly be speaking of the old Hoagies and Wings location on the S/E corner of Sepulveda and Washington? Big enough but not too big, with room for a smoker behind?

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    1. re: nosh

      You haven't been to the Old Hoagies and Wings Joint in a few years have you? It is now the home of Ramen Yamadaya and not going anywhere soon.

    2. I thought you and/or someone else had already mentioned that associated Melisee was opening a new place called "Charcoal" in Culver City...?

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      1. re: ilysla

        This is not the same. Josiah Citrin's place (Charcoal) will have a (surprise!) charcoal grill focus, but not be a BBQ/smoker type place (but you never know with him.)

        Don't think it's the Hoagie and Wings joint. I think it might be the Villa Italian restaurant.

        1. re: foodiemahoodie

          Sounds tasty. Hopefully it opens soon and isn't insanely expensive. =)

      2. Great. High end bbq (a spiritual, if not literal, oxymoron). Just what the world needs, another Boneyard Bistro. Because paying $35-$40 for ribs should be the new norm.

        1. Well, I for one am all for any and all attempts to bring in more great 'Cue to LA.

          I'm a little "curious", as it seems from your list the individuals will try to do several different styles, as opposed to focusing on nailing one.

          But, being a year away, clearly much will happen between now and then.

          Am perhaps even more excited about the potential of the butchery.

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          1. re: a213b

            They're pros. Nailing all of them shouldn't be a problem. But then again, BBQ is one contentious subject.

            1. re: foodiemahoodie

              You're not being serious, right?

              I don't doubt them being pros, but countless individuals have focused solely on one style - or one item, even - and failed to "nail it".

              Just because they have spent time running/working at a "well-regarded restaurant" … I mean, what does that have to do with becoming a 'Cue specialist?

              Again, I do hope it works out. I'm all for more and better options in the LA BBQ universe.

              And I'm still even more hopeful for the butchery.

              1. re: a213b

                Being chefs from reputable restaurants means nothing from a bbq standpoint.

                Being a pitmaster from a Carolina smokehouse sounds more intriguing.

                Sort of like a French chef making sushi, background has little bearing on the result.

                1. re: A5 KOBE

                  Well, we probably don't disagree. IMO a serious chef will figure out pretty much anything in pursuit of getting the dish right. They will work at the best restaurants and learn from the masters.

                  One of these chefs was born in Texas, raised in North Carolina, and got his initial BBQ training from the pitmaster at Big Bob Gibson's BBW in Decatur, AL)

          2. beg them to make eastern north carolina vinegar sauce and south carolina mustard sauce, pretty please?