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May 18, 2014 11:00 PM

The Pantry - the "new" one - on Gerrard East near Coxwell

Applause to the guy who is bringing great cheeses and as of next week, baguettes from Quebec, albeit resuscitated and baked from frozen, but since when could you get a decent baguette in Little India?
Could we hope for a little French bistro.soon?

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  1. Stopped in yesterday and bought some wonderful maple smoked cheddar and orange crush-rubbed mozzarella from Quebec (that is not a typo). The shop is lovely and the owner very nice and accommodating to my two cheese-loving kids. There was a good variety of Canadian organic cheeses and he packaged them in a nice plastic-lined paper and affixed printed labels naming and describing the cheeses and location. A nice touch and we will be back. Maybe later today...

    What a terrific addition the the neighbourhood!

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      It's nice that he attached labels to the cheese. When I buy the Monteforte cheeses from Withrow Park Market, there are no labels at all! Then a few days later I am staring at 5 or 6 cheeses and not always sure what a few of them are, especially if they look similar. I am surprised that some companies don't make any effort to label the product.