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May 18, 2014 10:35 PM

Best cochinillo/suckling pig in Madrid?

Don't want to go to Botin as it is too touristy. Thank you!

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  1. Head to El Senador on Plaza de la Marina Española (nearby Plaza de Oriente)

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    1. re: JuanDoe

      Thank you! We're definitely going to check it out.

      1. re: kfcarm

        Oh, good! I am frequently looking for lechazo when in Madrid..looks like a good spot. Gracias!

      2. re: JuanDoe

        Thanks for this tip! I had the cochinillo at El Senador a couple weeks ago and it was just wonderful. The restaurant was deserted on the Tuesday evening but everyone enjoyed their food, including some great lamb chops and an interesting pigeon escabeche served cool.


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          This place sounds great! Do you per chance know their email address? I do not see it on the website and would like to reserve in August....I am in the states and would prefer not to call....

          1. re: JuanDoe

            Thanks...Going to Madrid next month and plan on going to El Senador (assuming they are open in August)...

          2. I believe reserving is by phone only. Their English is fine, and with an international plan the call isn't that expensive. For dinner we wouldn't have needed a reservation; I suspect lunch is much more crowded.


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            1. re: mdg

              Is it close to the Prado Museum?

              1. re: Homesteadmem

                Not really; it's closer to the palace. It was just a few blocks away from our hotel near the Ópera station.

            2. If you can drive about 35 min. you should go to Coque in Humanes, the cochinillo is part of their menu, best one i've tried.

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              1. re: gastrocar

                I am actually going to be driving through Aranda de Duero and planning to stop there for lunch. I heard they were known for their roast lamb and suckling pig. Any ideas on the best place to go in Aranda de Duero?

                1. re: Homesteadmem

                  I've heard good things from a restaurant called Finca Los Rastrojos

                  1. re: Homesteadmem

                    The real specialty of Aranda de Duero is the lechazo (lamb) although the roast suckling pig is usually also excellent. My recommendation is:

                  2. re: gastrocar

                    Good suggestion, though few visitors make it out there.

                    If you are going for lunch or an early dinner, you can take the commuter train to Humanes de Madrid (you can catch the train in the center of Madrid at Atocha or Embajadores) Coque is ja 10-15 minute walk from the station. The last train heads back to Madrid around 23:20.

                    1. re: butterfly

                      Is Aranda where you would recommend if one wanted an overnight in town with a great lechazo restaurant en route from Madrid to Bilbao by car?? (I've been to Pedraza& Sepulveda but never to Aranda)

                      1. re: erica

                        There are a lot of other great lechazo towns a bit further off the beaten path (Peñafiel is a nice stopover town): Campaspero (Mannix), Roa de Duero (Nazareno), Lerma (Casa Antón/Casa Brigante), Palencia (La Encina), etc. I've had great lechazo in at Las Cubas in Arévalo, too, which is closer to Madrid on the road to Galicia and more of a cochinillo town.

                        1. re: butterfly

                          Butterfly that is truly helpful, as well as inspirational as far as trip planning. Thank you.