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May 18, 2014 07:49 PM

Nice outdoor dining in/around Morris County?

My mom has a milestone birthday coming up, and she wants to go someplace special! She wants to eat outside and would prefer a restaurant with a nice bar and a menu on the larger side. Any suggestions would be very helpful! :)

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  1. I can think of quite a few places, can we narrow it down a little? Any favorite cuisines, or ones to avoid? Are you open to MC adjacent towns such as Bernardsville, Basking Ridge, Summit, etc? (or traveling up to northern Jefferson and southern Sussex Co?) Also a budget range would be helpful, I know some places that would fit the description that are inexpensive, and others that are quite pricey.

    1. I have not tried it, but Pure in Parsippany sounds like it may fit the bill.

      Alice's in Lake Hopatcong has a great outdoor dining area with a view of the lake.

      If you want to venture into Sussex County, I can recommend Krave ( in Sparta or Sheridan's ( in Andover (very different vibes and menus).

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        I've been to Alice's -- both inside and out. Nice time, nice experience, nice view and the food was good. I'd have no problem going back.

      2. Huntley Taverne in Summit has dining on the porch and a great bar.

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          Nice place...always enjoy it there...although I've never sat on the porch. I like the food.

        2. The Windlass on Lake Hopatcong. Small concrete pier directly on the lake, great views, full bar, Italian influenced menu. Jefferson Township on east side of the lake.

          1. I thought of another one - Black River Barn in Randolph. The food is okay, not fancy, but they have a really nice patio right on the river.