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May 18, 2014 07:25 PM

Best Prepared food/Catering items from Central Market?1

I've decided to cater from Central Market (along w/tray of Ribs and Potato Salad from Rudys) for my kid's upcoming first birthday party. From CM I'm catering sandwich platters. I may make a tray of mac & cheese, and will put together a fruit tray. I'd like to add 2 catered items from CM but am at a loss. Not many of their catering choices look that great to me--they said that they can prepare anything that they have/do offer in their prepared food section. Any favorites you can recommend that would fit my menu? Something tasty that will ADULTS will enjoy-the kids will be set with tea sandwiches, fruit, and mac & cheese. Thank you!!

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  1. Their kale salad is pretty good. I like the Asian slaw, but not sure if that's a fit ...

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    1. Love the blue cheese potato salad they rarely have it available though it's season but nobody can tell me the season. I also like the blueberry cream cheese cookies

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        I love it, too, but at the south location more than once I've gotten it and the potatoes were so undercooked it was barely edible.

        I know it cycles in and out of the offerings but haven't noticed that ties to a particular season.