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May 18, 2014 07:14 PM

Good seafood restaurant in Melbourne?

I've very much appreciated your previous suggestions and I'm wondering if you could do me another good turn. I have relatives visiting from the US who would like to try good local seafood in Melbourne. In particular one sent me a link to Flower Drum, but I find it hard to imagine that an old-school Cantonese place is the best fit for us.

Although a "fancy" restaurant isn't out of the question, my chief priority would be getting to try seafood that's unique to this region or particularly good here. Decent acoustics are also essential as some of us have trouble hearing.

Would anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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  1. The Atlantic? I have not been but it seems to fit the bill as its got lots of local fish. I remember Est Est Est the chefs first restaurant in Melbourbe which was a favourite of mine.

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      I think Atlantic has failed to hit its potential. It's good, but it's so huge that it can be a bit hit and miss. It is stratospherically expensive - part of that is seafood pricing, but it's a serious wallet hit regardless.

      I'd probably have recommended Stokehouse, but it burned down, so I'll fall back to Donovans because it's a nice place with nice views for visitors.

      If you don't care about the ambiance, Richmond Oysters.

      Or just go for a good restaurant that can cook fish. Pure South is looking pretty hot these days.

      1. re: mr_gimlet

        Good to know - my first thought was the Stokehouse.

        Fond memories of the building - my first meal in Australia back in '94 was at Jean Jaques by the Sea now Donovan's

    2. Thanks to you both. I love these suggestions.

      Actually, I just called the Stokehouse and they are opening next week at a temporary location at 7 Alfred Pl. On impulse I made a reservation there. It will feel like a bit of an honor to be one of the first customers.