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May 18, 2014 04:25 PM

First trip to NOLA from a former Philly Chowhound

Recently moved from Philly to Savannah. Spending a few days in NOLA and so excited for a vacation. Going to be staying at the Holiday Inn on Dauphine St.

Have reservations one night for Peche. Jager Haus looks like it's near our hotel and looks like fun...even for breakfast

What recs do you have for us? We like reasonably priced food...esp where the locals go. Don't need the fancy expensive 'been there' restaurants.,,just really good food.

We will be there for 3 lunch, 2 dinner and 2 breakfast.

Thx for your help.

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  1. Check out Erin Rose a bar near the Jagr Haus.
    I'm a big fan of EAT also nearby.

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      Thanks! These look great. Much appreciate the input

    2. Red Gravy and Surrey’s for breakfast. Cochon Butcher, Crabby Jack’s and Johnny’s Po Boys for lunch. Sylvain and Three Muses for dinner.

      1. Have a debris sandwich for lunch at Mother's. New Orleans equivalent of a Philly cheese steak without the cheese.....a fabulous sandwich I don't think exists anywhere else. Mother's is also great for breakfast. Have the hot links with your eggs.

        1. Cochon Butcher for lunch. Eat the pickles! They recently expanded and there's a large amount of seating.

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          1. Definitely try the Ruby Slipper. They have two locations downtown and feature a more New Orleans style breakfast/brunch.

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