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May 18, 2014 03:40 PM

21st birthday ideas with parents

I am turning 21 quite soon and my dad is coming up to take me out. I need ideas as to where to go for dinner as well as after dinner. Available parking garages would be nice. Boston/Cambridge areas. I was thinking Eastern Standard for dinner and then Wally's Cafe afterwards for some live music but I' d love more suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. Congratulations! Will you have your, uh, first drink with your parents? (Because ES’ cocktailing is good, so that would stop me from talking you out of that.)

    Any particular price or dress-up range?

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      Thanks! Nothing overly expensive and I'd like more of a casual, festive atmosphere more so than a fancy dress-up kind of place.

      1. Eastern Standard is definitely a great choice--just be sure to watch out for a home Sox game, since it can get kind of mobbed!

        Other places with really good cocktails: the beehive in the south end (never tried their food, but I like the drinks, and they have live music), Coppa in the South End, and Russell House Tavern in Harvard Square.

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          Could also swing by the Hawthorne for some craft cocktails.

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            russell house is hit or miss at this point.

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              I agree about Russell House, unfortunately. I like the Hawthorne, Eastern Standard, ICOB route. You can have a pre or post drink at The Hawthorne, and dinner at either of two fine establishments. Enjoy, and happy birthday!

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                I've done this route (ES, ICOB, Hawthorne) many times and, if you dig cocktails it's a really awesome trio.