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May 18, 2014 01:50 PM

What happened to Via Allegro?

In the thread on Celestin VA is mentioned as having disappeared from the star ratings it had for, I believe, the best part of a decade roughly 1995-2005? I remember having great evenings there, good food, good service, great atmosphere - it was expensive but all my friends loved it too and Wendy the sommelier was a star - great human being as well as an expert on wines.

So my question is, what happened? the place had everything going for it. My last dinner there 3-4 years ago stank. I particularly remember the individual pizza that had a floppy crust and was worse than Pizza Pizza which is the bottom of my chain listings!

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  1. My last meal there involved a couple of running, screaming kids, playing catch and criss-crossing around the tables!! Neither the parents nor the wait staff/management did anything for over 5 minutes!! Thank God I did not have a bottle of 1985 Sassicaia on the table!

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      I ate there a few months ago and thought it was pretty good. The wine list is still excellent.

    2. I had been there three or four times this year and find the food and service still good. I never ordered pizza though.

      The portion is quite big too.

      1. It's literally become a cliche...I live nearby and would never go again. Dated...overpriced...and of little interest now.

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        1. re: stephen

          I'd love to know how food becomes "dated." If want tapas sushi fusion food served in tiny overpriced bits in screaming loud factories with bare hard surfaces then, yeah, I guess the place is dated. And you would miss the waitstaff that addresses you with "hi guys!!!!!!"