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May 18, 2014 01:43 PM

Ironside Fish and Oyster

I saw a comment on this board about this place but can't find it. Must have been part of another thread? Anyway, I ate here last night and thought it was worth commenting on. The lobster roll was outstanding. Perfectly cooked lobster and plenty of it on a freshly baked roll. Perfect ratio of bread to fish, lightly dressed with great flavor. My husband had the fish and chips. Fish was awesome-- I'm sure of this since I kept stealing bites. Fries were average but the homemade mayo dip was great as was the tartar sauce for the fried fish.
The crudo appetizer was a standout- served with cherries and ramps- perfect balance of spicy, sweet, oil, and the fish was smooth and tender.
Ironside cocktail was really good as well- sweet, tangy, flavors well balanced.
Haven't said this in a long time: service was excellent. Waiter could talk intelligently about the food and drinks and obviously cared about our experience. A manager stopped by at one point to check in as well. Seems to be a point of pride that the customer is happy. Loved it. We eat out at least once a week at this is so rare.
Only downside was the noise. It was Saturday night and my children tell me I'm old (49), but it was too loud for me. Next time I will go earlier or at an off time. The space is definitely cool.

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  1. Food was ok. Noise is what it is.

    But what really turns me off on this place is the garish decor. It's so over the top even the proverbial shark has swam away.

    As they say, "shit happens" ...

    1. I had a great experience there too. Love the space, love the service, love the food! Very happy San Diego is kicking it up a notch with the opening of places like this.

      1. Had lunch there on Saturday. Full house with a short wait for a late lunch at 130pm. Noise level was lively but not overwhelming. Great front of house experience during the wait with young hostesses (who could actually carry on a conversation, promoting the restaurant and menu while we waited to be seated). Great selection of briny oysters, fresh-off-the-boat rock cod (grilled with lemon butter). Love the atmosphere, reminded me of old San Francisco. Couple of minor glitches, but we will be back soon. Loved!

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          Love rock cod and back in the day would fish for them off the cliffs of Wind n' Sea...glad to see it on the menu in SD.
          Tadich Grill chica and it will be lovely to have something close to that icon. . .craving me some sand dabs now.

        2. I wonder if Raymond Burr ever ate there.

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          1. This place works fine for me.