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May 18, 2014 01:21 PM

Spadaro Coming to Port Chester!

I missed this news back in February when Rye's Hamlet Hub posted an article but driving through Port Chester yesterday, I saw that New Rochelle's Spadaro is coming soon. Very exciting news for us. We'd been twice to Spadaro while White Plains residents and enjoyed ourselves but now living in CT with kids, it's a bit too far to consider. This location also looks much larger than New Rochelle. Anyone know details about when it's opening and whether it'll be the same type of place (no menus, family style) as New Ro? The article says March but I don't think it's open yet.

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  1. walking (well really rolling, as i use a wheelchair) through port chester saw a sign for papa john's pizza (i think i went once in my life) but just figured i'd let you know

    1. I drove by the back side on Saturday afternoon and they were having a private party. It look as though they may be open for regular business. The sign says "liquor license pending."