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May 18, 2014 01:01 PM

Racine July 5th

Will be in Racine on July 5th. Looking for a great meal that evening.

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    1. re: Living4fun

      Living4Fun, do you have any recent experience with Hob Nob? I thought about recommending that but have not been there in ages.

      1. re: Fowler

        I haven't. I wanted to go but haven't made it. Is the Hob Nob included in the Supper Club Book? I would like to do a tour using the book as my guide.

        1. re: Living4fun

          Living4Fun, I am not familiar with the Supper Club Book but if it details Supper Clubs in WI, Hob Nob may be in there. I love your idea of doing a Supper Club tour but I would probably start at Coerper's Five 0'Clock and be passed out by the time I left Dillard's in Minocqua.

          1. re: Fowler

            LOL intent was to do a tour but take a year.

            This is the book..... couldn't find an index online. Wisconsin Supper Clubs: An Old-Fashioned Experience Hardcover
            by Ron Faiola (Author)
            I actually have the book but I'm not at home and don't remember if Hob Nob is listed.

            1. re: Living4fun

              Living4Fun, please sign me up for that tour, but we better have a designated driver each time! :-D

              I did a web search on that book (great cover) and Hob Nob is indeed included.

    2. I second Living4fun's excellent recommendation of Sebastian's. I don't think it is technically in Racine but maybe up in Caledonia. Close enough.