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Restaurants with Parking

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I thought for sure there was already a thread on this, but I couldn't find it. I've got a couple of friends who will only venture into the city for food if the parking is free and easy. Aside from Gaslight and Cinqucento, are there other restaurants in Boston or Camberville where parking isn't an issue?

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  1. Replying to my own post: Green Street (practically free) and Gran Gusto, for starters.

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      And Jose's Mexican...

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    2. Park in Harvard validates Sundays through Thursdays at the garage that their building is in. The patty melt has become much more appealing since we learned this.

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        I'll bet! This is particularly valuable info since I was already planning to attempt dragging one of said friends to Park soon. I think he'll really like it once he's in. I'll tell him it's called ParkFree.

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          Just remember not on Fridays or Saturdays. I think he'll like it too, especially with those comfortable arm chairs in the middle section.

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              They actually have free parking Sunday all day, and Monday-Wednesday nights! Thursday-Saturday isn't free, but it is still $2 off.

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                Oops, sorry. I misreported and should have double-checked. The free parking is Sunday through Wednesday.

      2. Grafton Street Pub and Grill in Harvard Square has free parking after 6 with reservations. Given the price of parking in Harvard Square, it's almost like getting a free meal.

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          Hey, phil, do you know where the parking for Grafton is?

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            It's across the street in a church parking lot. They send you the details when you make a reservation

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              I seem to remember that Ten Tables, in Cambridge, doing the same kind of thing a few years ago

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                Thanks, Phil. Good to know.

          2. Oleana in Cambridge has free parking across the street.

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                Really I had no idea Bergamot had free parking! Valet or lot?


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                  parking info here

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                    In my experience, odds of finding a space in Bergamot's lot is about 50-50, but even if it's full, street parking is a cinch.

            2. Tavalo

              1. Highland Kitchen has free parking in the back but I don't know if I would call it not an issue. Can get filled up.


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                  But it can only hold like 10 cars...

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                    Yup that was kinda my point. It has parking, but it's only going to help if you get there early.


                2. Temple Bar has parking in the back in the evenings.

                  1. Not in your prime area but consider Brookline too.

                    You will have to check but I think La Morra has valet parking. Non-city driving friends always like this choice because route 9 doesn't scare them and we can take the Greenline to Brookline Village and meet them.


                    1. East Coast Grill has parking across the street that is validated for $5

                      1. This isn't specific enough to be helpful, but others may be able to chime in - a lot of the restaurants in the One Kendall area validate for the garage by the Kendall Square Cinema. I'm pretty sure West Bridge and Belly both do?

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                          All the 1 Kendall places validate. As do Catalyst and Area Four in Tech Square and Legal & Meadhall in Cambridge Center

                        2. Many North End restaurants validate for the Parcel 7 garage, so parking is something like a few bucks for a few hours.

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                            The Parcel 7 validation is great. The first two hours are $1, and up to three hours is $3, I'm pretty sure. Just make sure you don't stay more than three hours, though, or you'll pay full price!

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                              Oh, and many Haymarket vendors validate as well.

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                                This really is a great deal - you could even go somewhere that doesn't validate and then have an espresso at Caffe' Paradiso and have them validate it for you.

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                                  Good to know about Caffe Paradiso, Bugsey. Thanks!

                            2. "I've got a couple of friends who will only venture into the city for food if the parking is free and easy."

                              Sounds like the Cheesecake Factory at the Burlington Mall would be perfect for them!

                              1. For Bergamot, Kirkland and Dali there are a ton of never used metered spaces on Beacon across from Wine & Cheese Cask. Somerville meters stop at 6 I believe, so that amounts to free parking.

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                                  I believe that all of Somerville now meters until 8pm.


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                                    Bummer. Regardless, those spots are always empty.

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                                      Yes, Somerville meters are definitely until 8 now.

                                  2. Great responses. I see dinners at Oleana, Bergamot, Park, Catalyst and Belly in my near future. I'll get these suburbanites fattened up in no time.

                                    When people are used to the ease of eating at Blumie's favorite, the Cheesecake Factory, where you pull into a free spot within sight of your target and walk a few steps to the door, I understand why it seems like a big hassle to deal with traffic, crazy streets and signage, driving around and around spot-hunting, finding something five blocks away, walking in usually-inclement weather, and finding a ticket on your window for dessert. A night out should be fun, not an ordeal, so thanks for all this great info!

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                                      For what it's worth, if they're in Chestnut Hill (a guess based on the Bloomie's reference), you'd do just as well to visit them in Newton Centre with a trip to Sycamore.

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                                        Blumie (the CH poster) =/= Bloomingdale's.


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                                        If you go to Chestnut Hill now, you will spend all your time dealing with the Wegmans traffic.

                                      3. Q in Chinatown validates in their buildings parking lot

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                                          That garage is an absolute adventure if you're driving anything bigger than a Smart car.

                                        2. Chang Sho on Mass. Ave. in Cambridge has a lot across the street.

                                          1. If you are going to eat in the North End during the day, it seems that parking on Hanover and Salem street is a snap. At least from what I see on the thread "I am a victim of their success".

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                                              I sense sarcasm Libertywharf!!!

                                            2. Assuming your request includes all Boston neighborhoods, there is a large (free) municipal lot in Roslindale Village. Good when visiting Defino's and other neighborhood restaurants. Always available spaces. Same parking situation in JP, except that lot gets a lot more traffic.

                                              1. Sabur in Somerville has a small lot right in front.

                                                1. Amrheins.

                                                  1. While the food is plus-minus (tho my experience is that the fish specials rarely disappoint), Summer Shack in Cambridge has a big lot. I end up going there when meeting people who are coming in route 2, someone who is coming by T, etc - very convenient. Same reason I had many meals at The Pillar House thirty years ago!

                                                    1. There is a very nice Scottish restaurant on McGrath Hwy that also has free parking.

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                                                        There is a decent sized public lot about a block NW of Craigie on Main off Bishop St that always has ample parking available when I've gone on Saturdays . And its only a 10 minute walk to the Kendall Sq area .

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                                                          Scottish restaurant on the McGrath Highway?

                                                          where? name?

                                                          1. re: Madrid

                                                            I believe that's a McDonald's joke.

                                                            1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                                                              oh sorry. I thought it might be an autocorrection mistake.

                                                              There are many other "very nice" restaurants with parking lots, such as most DDs and lots of subways, among others. I assume the OP can find them in the burbs.

                                                              I grew up in NC where there were many people of Scottish descent. I said at one point to a friend, there are so many "Mcs", why hasn't their food culture shown up in NC?

                                                              He answered, oh it has. Ever hear of McDonald's?

                                                              On the other hand, there's lots of cultural influence in the mountains of western NC.

                                                              1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                                                                It actually is one of the better Mickey Ds I've been to - everything tastes fresh, fries are nearly always hot, service is nearly always very polite.