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May 18, 2014 12:25 PM

ISO of catfish fillet in Vaughan or even Toronto if there is no place in Vaughan

hey guys, I'm looking for a place that sells catfish. I live in Vaughan so that is preferable but I'd be willing to drive.

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  1. Fortino's? Walmart? Most major supermarkets carry them fresh

    1. I imagine they carry it at San Antonio fish market in Woodbridge which shouldn't be too far from you

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      1. re: ylsf

        yes they do. I googled it I started this thread. Thank you for the response.


        I don't go to Walmart or Fortino's for that matter, but I went to coppa's (formally highland farms) and they didn't have it, so I'd be surprised in either one of those two have it.

      2. you could always get some Basa fish (Vietnamese catfish)

        1. Farmed catfish are not all that tasty. Try Hooked for some good line-caught catfish (and perch), or else get a bamboo pole and some chicken livers and go out around midnight to the many rivers east of you and catch some lunkers.