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May 18, 2014 09:23 AM

Seeking comments on JG's 101 list from today's LATimes (5/18/14)

Looking at the list, it was as if I was in Chowland with all the fave restaurants, but I noticed some serious omissions.
What do Chowhounds think is missing? Or undeserving.

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    1. Making a statement re urasawa.

      Providence number one: give me a break. Hasn't the foam trend passed yet??

      1. I wish it was organized in a way that praised inventive, unique to LA restaurants more. For instance, if my New York friends were asking for one essential LA meal, I would never send them to Providence or Spago or Cut because that sort of food is done other places just as well.

        Instead, I would suggest Trois Mec or Taco Maria or Night + Market.

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        1. re: set0312

          There's also a serious dearth in the under $15 per person joints.

          1. re: kevin

            THIS. A thousand times this.

            And that was what made J. Gold's original "Counter Intelligence" book and (IMHO) Chowhound great...but quite a few years back, now.

            I love to eat, and will occasionally splurge on a great $$$ meal, but there seems to be a trend towards obscenely pricy restaurants in the LA Chow threads these days. Gold, to his credit, will still write about great inexpensive places from time to time.

          2. re: set0312

            Completely true, I wish those places would be kept out of the running and given their own separate status if necessary.

            At this point...there's just way more interesting places to go.

            Although suggesting Trois Mec to anyone from out of town is actually borderline impossible. Hell, it's borderline impossible for locals to get in =/

          3. Urasawa.

            Casa Bianca.



            Go Smart.

            Los Tres Mulinos.

            Tacos Baja Ensenda.

            Yuca's Hut.


            The Slut.


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            1. re: kevin

              Better watch The Slut comments!

            2. I absolutely love Saddle Peak Lodge and am always disappointed to not see it make JG's lists.