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May 18, 2014 08:24 AM


Looking to hire a taco catering set up for about 15 people in West Los Angeles area on Sunday, June 15. Please suggest whom to call.
Thank you

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      1. re: kevin

        Up at 2 and out the door on the bike for 2 hours and never did go back to bed. Breakfast at Kitchen 24 in WeHo at 5:30 AM. The Home Skillet with cooked hash browns topped with two eggs (I had mine over easy) with pork sausage (but you can select chicken apple sausage or bacon if you like) and sourdough toast. One really weird note. I asked for salsa and they brought me a little dish of olive tapenade. Not what I was looking for at all.

        1. re: Servorg

          Olive tapenade instead of salsa ????? That is funky.

          Kitchen 24 is the same joint that's on Cahuenga near Hollwood Blvd ??????

          1. re: Servorg

            Hmmm breakfast today ???? What to get ,,,,

            Maybe Roni's Diner or a slut.

        2. re: Servorg

          They don't provide any fish tacos???

        3. Taqueria La Colmena, on Milpas in Santa Barbara, makes terrific tacos -- better, IMO, than La Super-Rica a few blocks away. They cater, and will do so in the LA area (I know, because I have asked them). (805) 845-6970

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          1. re: ozhead

            Does La Super Rica cater too ????

            My favorite of the Milpas corridor crew is Taqueria El Bajio.

            1. re: ozhead

              Oh that spicy orange salsa at La Colmena....

              We found it by accident and after one taste of that salsa and the rajas taco - I had a new love.

            2. IIRC, Vallarta Markets will do catering. I can't remember the name but it's a great Mexican grocery/deli on the NW corner of Roscoe and Van Nuys. I believe they also cater.

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