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May 18, 2014 07:39 AM

Tradestone Cafe

Any comments on this place in Conshy?

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  1. It's part of the Chip Roman restaurant group. It's right next door to Blackfish and the chocolates are AMAZING!

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      WooHOO! I just took a winger last night and found myself a new home away from my 5 minutes-away home.
      Not only are the completely delicious homemade soups fabulous but the sandwiches are chock full of goodies and prepared by a staff of 2 who are charming, warm and friendly.
      The chocolates are decadent and obviously a cut above.
      The prices are more than right and I have already made up my mind for another return visit this week.
      A winner!
      (so who said the burbs don't have some really fine goodies that rival some in center city?)
      Bah humbug!