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where can I find the best local strawberries?

- farmers markets or picking!

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  1. Not exactly what you're asking for but I had the most delicious strawberries from Bi-Rite 3 weeks ago. Ate them in Dolores Park with a bottle of sparkling rose... perfect Saturday afternoon!

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      Thanks Oliver. That sounds delicious!

      1. There is Lao Saetern’s Strawberry stand on Highway 12 out side of Sebastopol that usually has great Berries

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          Thanks for the suggestion! Will try next weekend.

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            i second that suggestion. she's as sweet as her berries, too

          2. At the College of San Mateo Farmer's Market on Saturdays one berry vendor is at the top of my list for best strawberries, Medina. I have never been disappointed with theirs...

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              Thanks RWCfoodie. I was in England a few years ago and they have the sweets little strawberries!
              BTW today I was at a fm in the Inner Sunset where I scored big plump blueberries from Santa Cruz. Delish!

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                +1 for Medina strawberries, they are always the best.

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                  Funny, I started out with Medina and switched to Rodriguez farms at the CSM market. They're all head and shoulders above, say, Safeway, but I'm now a loyal Rodriguez customer - 1/2 flat per week!

                2. I don’t know the name of the farm, but at the Northwest corner of the Saturday Alemany Market there is a vendor that currently has a wide variety of excellent organic strawberries at not much more than the non-organic strawberries throughout the market. Their greens are really good as well.

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                    You're probably thinking of Tomatero Farm. They had a variety called Rosa or Rosas on Saturday that were amazing. Pretty much everything they grow is delicious.

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                      Thanks, yes I think that's it. Made a strawberry rhubarb crumble with them Saturday that tasted of pure summer.

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                        Tomatero Farm usually has at least two or three varieties of strawberries, e.g., Seascape, Albion, Sweet Annes. Haven't had the Rosa. All very good, but best is to taste each of them that Saturday and see which crop you like the most. If you're willing to wait, they sometimes have super deals near the end of the farmer's market. We once split a whole flat for the normal price of three baskets.

                    2. Two weeks ago I was given a basket from Stony Point Strawberries, 735 Stony Point Rd, Petaluma. The roadside stand is north of KOA on the west side of the street. These were Chandlers and just fabulous. Outstanding eggs too. This is one of several Lao-owned berry farms in Sonoma County --- the one on Hwy 12 near Sebastopol has already been mentioned in this thread. There's another on Hwy 12 in Kenwood usually. Keep an eye out for them when driving the wine roads and pull over when you see the signs.

                      Then, I've not had them yet this season, but Tierra Vegetables in Santa Rosa grows outstanding strawberries for sale at its stand off Hwy 101.

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                          They had them last Saturday at Ferry Plaza to go with the rhubarb.

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                            Presumably "they" means Tierra.

                            My weekend guests got to try Tierra's strawberries as well. The barn was filled with their scent on Sunday afternoon. They're mostly Chandlers and Seascapes right now. $4 per basket with discounts for larger quantities.

                            One of my friends commented, "They each taste and look so different. They have such unique personalities I almost feel like each berry should have a name." While I don't mind knowing the name of the individual animals we eat, I'm not inclined to name my berries. ;)

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                              I just read that Tierra accepts Calfresh (aka EBT, SNAP or food stamps) at its farmstand.

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                            I stopped at Stony Point Strawberry this evening to get a basket, $3. The berries were good, but not as dead ripe as the earlier ones I'd had.

                            I also bought some fresh garlic. The scent of the garlic was so powerful, even after I tucked it in the trunk, that it overwhelmed the sweet scent of the berries in the passenger compartment.

                            There is another strawberry stand on Petaluma Blvd North, just south of Jessie St, on the west side of the street. It's visible from google street view.

                            I've also bought strawberries in past seasons from the stand on Ludwig Ave. in Santa Rosa, just west of Stony Point Road. This one is also owned by a Lao lady.

                            I'd love to learn the story of the connection of the local Lao community to strawberry growing.

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                              Another Lao berry stand that I've purchased from in the past is on Ludwig Ave, west of Stony Point Road in Stony Point.

                              The one in Sebastopol was doing a booming business when I passed by on Sunday morning. There were more than eight cars parked in front.

                              And I noticed a berry stand on Petaluma North Blvd on the west side of the street just south of Jessie in Petaluma and one on the west side of Stony Point Road @ Piner Road in Santa Rosa.

                            2. Last time I was in town, I got some wonderful strawberries at the Thursday Berkeley Farmer's Market.

                              1. Yesterday I had a sample of an organic Sweet Ann strawberry grown by Tomatero Farm at the Marin Civic Center farmers market. Exotic, almost tropical flourish to the sweet berry aroma and flavor, and it was juicy as can be. I regret not buying some then.

                                Here's a mention on Bi-Rite's blog.