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May 18, 2014 06:11 AM

Question about Geoffrey's, Malibu

Hello - i am a bit of a mid-century modern fan and am thinking of going to Geoffrey's during an upcoming LA visit to see the design. Not sure if we should eat here, however, as I'm always pretty wary of food at places with a great view. Should we just stick to drinks and an app instead? Spouse wants dinner at Nobu but I really don't like places with massive attitude and it seems like it could be that kind of place. Any ideas?

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  1. I've had meals that were really very good (baked brie appetizer and one of the scallop entrees) and others that didn't fare as well (I thought the crab cakes were meh). But you've gone all that way so I say stay for dinner. Pretend you're in the South of France overlooking the Med and have a great time as the sun sinks slowly in the west...

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      If you have a chance check out Pann's for it's Googie/Mid Century Modern architecture and a meal if you can make it out that way. Great wings and waffle and a brilliant patty melt.

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        +1 and I'd go as far as to say that Pann's would be a must see for someone with your interest. FYI, it isn't faux / kitschy it's iconic / time capsule.

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          Awesome! I have to go here! We're staying in the South Bay so i put it on the list. Thank you so much for this suggestion!

      2. I hear really good things about the food at I would do dinner there, and have appetizers and cocktails at Geoffrey's. I haven't been to Geoffrey's in quite a while, but I used to live in Malibu and would take out of town folks there. The view is killer....and just a great setting.

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          Yes, Nobu instead of Geoffreys for food. Nobu is a FUN place, not an attitude place.
          It's Nobu, both for the view AND the food!

        2. i've always had good meals at Geoffrey's, BUT
          i only order simple dishes.
          this is not the place to go for the cutting edge of interesting, complicated, cooking in LA.
          for food, this is the place to go for a solid rendition of simple preparations with generous protein portions.

          p.s. for your architecture interest, maybe stop by cafe del rey for a drink on the way to or from the airport? they've screwed up some of the interior decor, but imho, the building still holds interest.

          1. There's no ocean to view but to me Ray and Starks at LACMA has a very mid-century modern feel.

            1. Thanks very much for the two additional suggestions above! I think i'm leaning towards a drink at Geofftrey's and dinner at Nobu; it probably will have to be a somewhat early dinner. Appreciate the advice!

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                Thinking about this some more, one place that screams mid-century modern to me is Cut (again, no ocean).