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May 18, 2014 05:45 AM

Soft Shell Crabs Tonight?

Any ideas on who has them on the menu? Boston or central sq preferable. Thanks!

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    1. Sarma has them as one of their table-side specials right now. Don't know if it's nightly or how long it will last.

      1. Might be too late, but Audubon had them yesterday as a special, I believe over pasta (we did not try it).

        1. Had the soft shell at ICOB. One crab, fried, with corn salsa, arugula on an aioli. Very good, very happy. (Although I generally prefer sauteed to fried.)

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            1. re: rozziegirl

              hmmmhmmmm! we both had that last night. But roz, ya gotta describe it more! (btw- we both requested sauteed and they complied). So, "one small sauteed soft shell crab in a saffron aioli and corn sauce with jalapeno." I actually think that was the best soft shell crab treatment i have ever had.

            2. Two soft shell crabs pan fried with no discernible batter over homemade fusilli pasta. Sauce is simply oil, garlic, and crushed red pepper. Only at D'Emilios Off the Boat in East Boston. So good.

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              1. re: janehare

                oh, thk g you didn't say red sauce; my mother's ashes woud have rustled in their urn....