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low carb low potassium low sodium diet what is left to eat

do i just eat the container the foods come in or do i shoot myself and get it over with

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  1. Sounds about right. Sorry.
    There are lots of links out on the web. Your Dr should also have list of acceptable foods. From there you could start building meals and recipes.

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      yeah i got 1 list from heart doc and 2 lists from kidney doc after i cross ref and crossed off the conflicting foods i was almost left with the containers the foods came in lol

    2. If your doctor has not set you up with a dietician, you need to find a new doctor.

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        I'd ask the kidney doc to refer you to a dietitian. You really need help with this. I am assuming that the kidney doc is the last doc you checked with.

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          yes i see a diet. tues right now just venting and trying to attempt to laugh at my delemma

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            Oh good. I pictured you without any help in this at all. Be sure to post here after the appointment. There will be some who probably can give you good advice then. Good luck on Tuesday.

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            I can't say this with enough emphasis: a physician is not a dietitian. My husband was a serious heart patient for the last 23 years of his life---his cardiologists were brilliant at cardiology but they knew zip about diet. Get yourself to a registered dietitian. Your insurance should cover it---check with the company to see if you need a doctor's referral for them to pay. Also, a nutritionist is not a dietitian. Anybody can call him- or herself a nutritionist but a dietitian must have formal education and state license. A list from a doctor is not maximally helpful either---you need an informed person to sit down with you to explain the situation, give you suggestions, and show you how to cope.

          3. Deep breath.


            Do you have an intact intestine?
            Hopefully you have an RD?

            That can be a start.

            Good luck and best wishes!

            1. Is the container gluten free? Saw a news segment on people going on gluten free diet. When ask what is gluten, most people have no idea.

                1. I'm basically in the same boat as you. it's very hard for me to eat this way but we all have rto make compromises in life as we get older. I eat a lot of meat, fish,eggs, non-starchy vegetables, a little fruit, nuts, sugar free Jello and when I'm craving dessert I do low carb baking with nut flours. I can't go cold turkey with added salt but I'm gradually tapering down & find I'm using less. Use your cooking knowledge to build a repitoire of suitable recipes. Good luck!

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                    thank you all for your encouragement

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                      Foodperv, please get back to us after you meet with the dietitian. Stay in touch.

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                        i was/i am used to serving sizes that are 3 times larger than most people 3 times she said i can eat everything but....only 1/2 of a single serving man thats not enough food to fill the cavity on my third molar
                        i guess at that rate in a yr i can pose for pics as the walking skeleton lol

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                          Has she referred you to an endocrinologist?

                          If you're actually low carbing, it's kind of hard to hold on to enough sodium and potassium, usually not excess. If there is, you should see an endocrine doc for that, too.

                  2. Here's an old thread that does not specify low carb, but is titled "Diabetic, low potassium suggestions." Hopefully there is some helpful as well as hopeful information:

                    Best of luck!

                    1. On top of that, my MIL is on low calorie and low fat diet too.

                      1. There is a web site that may help called Davita and has different recipes good for your kidneyshttp://www.davita.com/recipes/

                        1. It may not be as bad as you think. It really depends the definition of low carb, low sodium and low potassium. Just because low, it does not mean no. In fact, all human need carb, sodium or potassium. They are not nice to have. They are must to have.

                          Any possibility that you were on a high carb, high sodium and high potassium diet, and he was simply telling you to scale it down? Ironically, MSG is known to be partial solution to low sodium diet. While MSG has sodium in it, it can create a certain savory with 1/3rd the amount of sodium. You need to be careful with this approach. Talk to your doctor.

                          "MSG is a good way to reduce sodium because glutamate can significantly enhance the flavor of a dish and thereby decrease the desire for saltiness.2 Research shows that when MSG is used in place of some salt, it can reduce the amount of sodium in a dish by 40%.3 The problem is that MSG’s safety was called into question in recent years, leaving many people wary about using it. But I’m going to give it a shot. "


                          This is of course assuming your doctor is correct. You can always seek a second opinion.