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May 18, 2014 04:47 AM

Father's day picnic ???

Hello I'm making a Father's day picnic for me and my Dad. One item I' know I'm making is Korean fried chicken. I have to think of things to go with that, my Dad also can't eat cabbage so no kimchi. And we are both diabetic.

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  1. How about a jicama slaw? I make it with Asian pear but maybe you don't want any more carbs?

    1. You can also make kimchi with cucumbers or daikon. If you want to stick with Korean dishes, there's a lot of recipes at this site:

      1. My wife often prepares a side dish of edamame made with diced onion and thinly sliced carrots. The onion and carrots are sauteed in olive oil and then the edamame are added to the skillet and sauteed until a small amount of char is evident on the beans.

        1. The bean sprout and zucchini banchan from this link would be great ( i think the squash one is too high in carbs?)

          This seasoned spinach side and quick pickles would also go well:

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            Thank you I really like what I seeing here!