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May 17, 2014 07:01 PM

Cracking Cooktop

The adjacent item on exploding Pyrex reminds me that I like to post this from time to time as a caveat. When I took a hot steamy pot lid off the pot and placed it on my glass cooktop, it set up such a suction that it caused the cooktop to crack diagonally from one end to another. (My scientist husband and a scientist neighbor stood scratching their heads and agreeing that they would not have thought this possible, but we had to replace the cooktop, nevertheless.) So, a warning---set the hot steamy lid down so that it protrudes over the edge of the cooktop and air can get up under it. Just saying.

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  1. This is a good practice. I have set hot lids down on an old glass cooktop, and though the suction did not crack the cooktop, I had to slide the lid to the edge to get it off. I now set lids down off the cooktop whenever possible.

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      Yes, cooks should not set covers down on glass tops. There may be a temperature differential and moisture, which as you discovered, can break glass. Far too much has been made of the "extra counter space" aspect of glass tops, when in fact this aspect is mostly visual.

      1. re: kaleokahu

        I'm always fascinated by posts from people who have small NYC/Boston kitchens and use the stove top for extra counter space and the oven for storage space without thinking twice. That would worry me to death thinking the stove might turn itself on somehow. Paranoid I know:-)

        1. re: miss_belle

          Good point.

          Cooktops are not intentionally countertops. Cooktops with control knobs can be activated accidentally.

          More likely something like a large can of tomatoes, can fall and break on, or over a cooktop coming from an overhead cabinet. I have yet to see it, though.

          1. re: SWISSAIRE

            Falling objects have broken two of my glass cooktops. Just one of the reasons I hate glass cooktops.

      2. re: sueatmo

        Yup, this only had to happen to me once. I figured if the suction was so strong I couldn't break it, that had to be bad.

        I set them on the edge of the cooktop, so they're partially on the cooktop, partially on the counter.

      3. Hello Querencia -

        A solution:

        A stainless steel drip plate made for cooking tools might be a better solution. In our view that includes hot lids, which when wet or steamy, also create a vacuum, if not a mess on the cooktop or nearby granite countertop.

        As illustrated the small drip plate can hold a large 28cm and heavy stainless lid, additional pot lids or tools. The vapour and drips are collected in the drip plate indentation. Cleans easy by hand or dish washer, and remains on the cooktop when we cook, hidden away when we don't.

        Not found in Europe alas, we discovered these 4 years ago at a BB&B in California, USA, for $14.USD, We bought 3.

        ( Not candies nearby but Nespresso capsules ).

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            1. re: SWISSAIRE

              I liked yours so much I had to see if I could find one for myself. :-)

              1. re: DuffyH

                Hi DuffyH -


                Duffy, I see they are also available on your Amazon ( not Amazon.DE, Amazon.FR, or Amazon.CH ).

                For those interested, the stainless steel "U" bolt which supports the pot or pan lids, utilizes two wing nuts to tighten under the drip plate. They must be tightened completely to clear the indentations of the drip plate.

                Not tightening completely might possibly scratch the cooktop glass.

        1. btw Querencia - Ever since I read your warning the first time I took heed and always tilt the lid on the side of the stove. Thanks!

          1. I do that anyway because of joint pain and needing to reduce effort required to move/lift objects. Most of my lids nowadays have vent holes, so won't create suction, but still, it's a habit going back decades.

            1. I had a similar experience with my cooktop. It is a GE Monogram 5 burner gas cooktop. I was cleaning around the burners and accidentally tapped it and it shattered. I put it down to glass fatigue. That is the problem with some of the exploding pyrex bakers. We got a replacement glass and had it installed.