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May 17, 2014 06:03 PM

Memphis Mae's BBQ Bistro in Croton on Hudson

Definitely not the best BBQ, but not terrible. Macaroni and cheese was good, corn bread was dry and tasteless, collards were good, brisket was ok.

What was worse than the food was the service. The unprofessional, nasty waitress screamed in my face and tried to start a fight with me after she misheard what had happened earlier in my visit.

I might recommend this place to my enemy, but thats about it.

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  1. that's just weird. and of course not right.
    I hope you complained to the manager (who is often there)

    1. Yeah ive never had a problem there, I like the personable staff and the creative specials.

      1. I've always found the service to be very polite and prompt, whether I'm eating there or taking out. I'm not not a big BBQ person but I really like a lot of their dishes. It's all high calorie, but darn good.I do wish they'd take reservations, since it can be quite a long wait to get a table.

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          I've only been there twice for pre-Blaze dinners. Food acceptable, service unremarkable but polite. I did make a reservation the last time because there were 10 of us, it didn't seem to be a problem.