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May 17, 2014 04:50 PM

Memorial Day weekend in PDX

I'm visiting Portland (my first time!) with my boyfriend from LA for the holiday weekend. We arrive Friday and leave Sunday afternoon, with a room booked at the Nines.

I'm very excited about the PDX food scene and want to make sure to get as many amazing meals as possible. We're meeting my boyfriend's brother, sister-in-law and two kids (10 and 13) for dinner Friday night and then going to dinner with just the four adults on Saturday. I'd love suggestions for a great kid friendly restaurant for Friday (a gastropub or something of the sort) and something a little more upscale for Saturday. Roe, Ava Gene's, Le Pigeon, and Little Bird are already booked (although I can put in a Rezhound for any of those and keep my fingers crossed). No specific budget...we're foodies and don't mind paying for an amazing meal.

I'll also take any recommendations for breakfast/brunch/lunch places walking distance from the Nines.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. For breakfast/brunch I'd hit up Mother's and/or Huber's.

    1. Tasty n Alder, Blue Star Donut, Kenny & Zuke's, Lardo all five minute walk from Nines.

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        Good list. Haven't been to Kenny & Zukes in a while, but there have been some negative opinions going around. Do you have any recent experience there?

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          Where have "negative opinions" been around K & Z? Yelp?
          Many excellent vendors at Portland Farmers Mkt including Verde Cucina & Tastebud. Springwater Farm is a mushroom vendor that also now has a chef making yummy mushroom dishes, NW corner of market.

      2. Given the short notice, your best options for Saturday night are probably going to be places that don't take reservations. The 2 that immediately come to mind are OX and Atuala. Recommend getting to either before 6 in order to avoid a long wait (for OX especially - more like 5 pm). For a fancier meal on Saturday night, you could see if Castagna or Noisette have openings.

        Friday night, you could try Imperial (although maybe only the burger would appeal to the kids) or Dechutes. Both are walking distance from The Nines.

        Lunch/Brunch - Urban Farmer (in your hotel), Imperial, Tasty n Alder, Khao Man Gai (food cart at 10th & Alder)

        Saturday morning if the weather is nice, you could check out the Portland Farmers Market at PSU. Pine State Biscuits and Lauretta Jeans are 2 popular places that serve breakfast items (search the Board for more info).