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May 17, 2014 01:15 PM

Convention Center - Blue Nile closed?

I'll be in Portland for a convention next week and have been looking at recommendations in previous posts. The Blue Nile Ethiopian restaurant has gotten some favorable mentions, but when I looked on the web it looks like it might be closed? Anyone been there recently?

I'm looking for a spot to take two graduate students as a mentor/mentee pairing for dinner one night. Looking for reasonably close and not too expensive. Thinking either Karam, or possibly Biwa (but that could get more expensive than I'd like), if the Blue Nile is closed. Other thoughts?

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  1. Karam & Biwa are great choices.
    Blue Nile closed last year. I used to be a regular. The food & service had deteriorated considerably so I don't miss it.

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    1. re: Leonardo

      Thanks, Leonardo. I live in rural Utah and would love to get some Ethiopian food while I'm there, but considering one of our best restaurants is in a gas station, I'll probably be happy wherever I end up.

      1. re: renshiwo

        Best Ethiopian is Bete-Lucas, but that's around five miles from OCC. Enjoy Portland. Sounds like a world away from your home!