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May 17, 2014 01:06 PM

it fiddlehead season yeah

the only 2 ways i know to make them is
1 saute w garlic and butter
2 with eggs (omelette)
anyone know any other ways

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  1. Do you buy these at store? They grow abundantly in western Washington but I worry about their slightly poisonous nature.

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    1. re: divadmas

      yes i buy them but... if you pick them make sure they are curled tight i have been told they are unsafe Only after they have un wound

    2. Cream of fiddlehead soup is delicious

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      1. re: magiesmom

        Are they chopped in this soup, or whole? Or half and half?

        1. re: rudeboy

          Mostly chopped, sautéed with onion or shallot. Cook in veg or chicken broth , blend with immersion blender, add whole milk or cream, garnish with whole ones.

        2. I have a recipe that calls for oil to saute garlic and red chiles for eight minutes, until the garlic carmelizes and the chiles toast a bit. I like to toast the chiles in a dry pan, then add the oil and only saute the garlic (avoiding browning. Then fidddleheads go in an a moderate amount of salt.

          1. I heat a couple tablespoons of olive oil and add 2 cloves of garlic, a mashed anchovy and a hefty pinch of chili flakes. Then I add the fiddleheads and a splash of white wine and cook gently. Seems to do the trick. Sadly, here in NYC, the season is pretty much passed.

            1. Have iny seen fiddle heads ONE time in any local supermarket. Had NEVER eaten then, but they were not much $$, so grabbed a few handfuls. At check out... no upc to go with, so hadda expain what they were. I sauteed in a little butter and lemon... reminded me of asparagus!?!