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Need a vegan tea party sandwich for a crowd

I'm doing a tea for 170 people (high school seniors and family members). It's a school tradition, so it has to be nice. My menu was set, but I found out that a few families are vegan, and I only had two vegan items. Someone is ordering vegan pastries, but I need a savory sandwich.

It needs to be a finger sandwich, not too messy, and nut-free. All food is plated and placed on tiered plate holders on each table.

The menu items, including the non-vegan things, are:
Fruit skewers (back by request)
Arugula, hummus and carrot pinwheels
Cucumber, dill and cream cheese triangles
Curried chicken salad sandwiches
Whatever vegan pastries the volunteer brings
Nick's Supernatural brownies
Cheesecake bars
Phyllo tarts with lemon curd and mini-meringues
Scones with jam and clotted cream

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  1. My neice is vegan so I bookmarked this site a while back. They have a whole section on tea sandwiches. Might be able to get some ideas there.

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    1. You should ask this on the Vegetarian & Vegan Board.

      If anyone wants to bake a vegan sweet, google Nikki's Healthy Cookies. For some of the phyllo tarts, use Pam spray instead of butter, and jam/preserves as the filling.

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      1. You've got hummus covered so I'm thinking something with an olive tapenade (no anchovy!) would be a nice change of pace for vegans. Maybe tapenade/cucumber or tapenade/roasted red pepper slice. You could also do the cucumber/dill/cream cheese one with a vegan cream cheese (easy to find now). Just make sure to differentiate between the two...a different shape or type of bread.

        Or...a mock tuna (tofu) salad. I make a fake chicken salad with gardein chik'n scallopini and it would totally work with curry.

        1. Why not make the cucumber one vegan with the vegan "cream cheese" and bread

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              Vegan Benedictine! Vegan "cream cheese," shredded drained cukes and onions, dash of Tabasco.

            2. smashed avocado (add lots of lemon juice to prevent browning) with roasted yellow pepper strips, topped with sprouts

              white bean puree with roasted tomatoes, topped with bits of olive

              roasted eggplant with pesto

              wacky cake is pretty much vegan if you wanted to make mini-cupcakes.

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                Yes to Avocado. I'm not vegan but often do an open faced, or closed, sandwich of whole wheat, mashed avocado, and sliced cukes and or roasted peppers. Tasty enough to exist on its own.

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                  pesto is not normally vegan so i'd use some plain basil leaves instead.

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                    thanks for catching my brain cramp. just a basil/nut puree would work. i loathe all those fake cheeses.

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                        Since the OP said nut-free i'm sure a swap with pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds (cheaper) would work well too.....

                2. Kale & rice cracker sandwiches. Knocks off the gluten-free crowd as well.

                  1. This sunflower seed pate is very rich and flavorful, easy to make in advance:

                    This mushroom pate is also easy to make ahead

                    With the pate i would also add a leaf or two of lettuce to the sandwiches for some crunch.
                    (Check that your bread is vegan!)

                    1. If you want a finger sandwich for the vegans, how about something like a cucumber and greens triangles with a hummus (maybe cilantro hummus?) spread instead of the cream cheese. I have had variations of the above that I love.

                      For another sandwich idea, roasted veggies with a red pepper spread? Or something like roasted eggplant with olive tapenade?

                      1. I was at a baby shower which served vegan options, one of them was a small hand held sandwich with chick peas it was very good. It is not dainty however.

                        1. Thanks for these great suggestions. I've been experimenting and made a white bean-basil-olive oil-garlic puree that I spread on a tortilla (no dairy), then rolled up and cut into pinwheels. My testers loved these, but preferred the somewhat more complicated edamame pate I came up with (inspired by some of your suggestions.) While I love avocados, they're pricey here and it's not always easy to find as many ripe ones as I would need all at once.

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                            you can punch up the edamame with sesame oil and miso. :)

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                              You can add flavor by oven roasting onion/garlic/celery and or carrot until caramelized then puree it with your other ingredients before spreading on your tortilla and line it with some baby greens with a little character like arugula or beet greens, for example.

                              Another suggestion is to brush the tortilla with olive or other oil, sprinkle with a seasoning blend like a salt free seasoning or something with a lot of herbs and lightly toast it in a skillet or on a grill before filling and rolling. You would be surprised the extra flavor you can achieve with small additions.

                            2. my favorite vegan finger sandwich is actually a crostini