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May 17, 2014 12:21 PM

Dining - Wine trip dining near SLO and Paso

Could my fellow Cjhowhounders comment on the quality of the food and wine lists at the following restaurants?

Artisan Bistro- Paso
Black Cat Bistro in Cambria
Granada Bistro- in SLO
La Cuescha in Paso
Cass House in Cayoucos
Ocean Grill in Avila Beach
Villa Creek in Paso

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  1. Forgot to include --
    Il Cortile

    1. Artisan is good and has creative twists, while keeping things in the comfort food level. Good choice, but don't compare this to "big city" dining. Casual, industrial kind of chic, but also an obvious favorite of the locals as well. Very nice staff and they take pride in their place which shows. Always a good sign.

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        Sounds very good. Love to go local and good food. Any other ideas?

      2. About the only two places I can recommend in Cambria are Robins and Wild Ginger.

        I have not eaten there, but Cass House has a very good reputation in Cayucos. They recently bought Hoppes, which used to set the standard for that town.

        For fine dinning and wine in SLO, I'd recommend Korbel at Blue and Buona Tavola

        1. The wine lists at Artisan, Il Cortile and Villa Creek are all very good to exceptional. Also Artisan is doing some very very nice cocktails. their take on the bloody mary is wonderful and uses tomato water and ghost pepper salt. Yumm.